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While ETN is very well progressing towards having a complete and successful product and becoming more ready to take off, and while everyone is waiting for and speculating about the next crypto bull run, what worries me is the highly expected financial collapse that every expert is assuring right now.
Nobody seems to know how this will affect crypto. Will it cause a collapse in crypto as well as people cash out to cover shortage in liquidity? Or will they buy crypto as a better store of value?
Will this suppress any potential bull run or support it?
I came across this video which says a lot. What is your opinion?


People seem to be buying gold.


No chomping from there, its been fairly adressed it was manipulation and sell from the chomper.


I really liked the last bounce. So I’m short term bullish again.

Some hype and volume should push us up. So an entry point for a trade would still be some big volume candle.

For more details check out Tikas TA, he does realy well :slight_smile:

With missing volume the order book will tell us what will happen.
Big sell orders generate big resistance. If that cant be filled with buy orders we cannot go up.



yea, a very healthy, new website style candle just appeared on the 8hr chart. :slight_smile:


Next opportunity, if this inverse head and shoulders play out and we can break the neckline X? Again just something I am looking at.


That would be nice but seems to me that we could be headed down again, as the 5%'s are just running it up and down for gains. That is, until substantive news kicks in or we get closer to MWC


Things are looking pretty good. It’s very possible we have that inverse head and shoulders even though the head is rather deformed…but hey, no one is perfect, right?

We did go a little lower than the .618 fibinachi level but we were destined to looking at the yellow support line we had formed. We bounced off that support perfectly. The RSI broke up from the trend it was following and we see the MACD signal line (blue) curving upward where we should see a cross to trigger a buy signal. I like what I’m seeing!

Let’s just hope it lasts…

EDIT: 190 sats is the resistance line for the current expanding wedge. If we can break through that, we have a shot at 200+ where the real resistance is.


Crypto markets are very slow at the moment. Most people lost interest to invest, but at the same time fundamentals are getting stronger and stronger. Adoption rate is also stable/going up.

This leads me to believe we are at or close to the bottom. And since volume is dropping pretty much we should see volaility soon, either a big capitulation candle or a nice little rallye to the upside.


Hello Electroneum community will the bull run of 2019 tomorrow begin? I hope:)


What if I told you we were already in the next bull market…

HAHAAHA, sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


The ETN iOS release is having a positive affect on price, which is to be expected. We’ve broken above the descending wedge but the real question is whether we will break the 200-210 sat range. I personally do not believe we will, but it is possible.


But even if we dont, we look pretty bullish, right? maybe some sideways movement to eat this sell wall?


yes, this is a very bullish pattern overall. I have no doubt we will blow through the 200-210 sat range during or shortly after MWC unless the news is underwhelming. But I have a feeling it will be just fine:) To be 100% honest, I really do not understand why there is such a huge wall…it’s either clear manipulation to keep price low or some really ignorant people…or both. But it won’t be there for long…no one will be able to manipulate the price when mass adoption happens.


YES! I am still hopeful that this “skew” head and shoulder will do the trick? some bumbs to break the resistance at 200 and then the big wall at 206.7, AND THEN !!


Hello, tell me if we break throw, is it bullish in the long term . I will give anotheg 50 dollar in etn for helping. I never sell only buy small over time,. But i want to se som movement, its vey small circulation, but with this news about iOS i thought we should have many investers interesting .


The Gurus of TA can also help here, but yes in my opinion, if we break and hold above 206.7, it will be a bullish indication? First lets be safe and wait for this to happen first?


Agreed @Tika.
I also like how my last TA was spot on again :smiley:


Credit where credits due CryptoMatt. However, would you say this boost to 195 is down to a bounce off the .618 or more to the news this evening about IOS and the major news that will brought forward, ahead of MWC?

Also, what do you see from here?


It will be very hard to break 200 sats imho.

Just look at the order book and that is only half the story:


I would say we will not break 200 sats right away, but if we do and find support on ~205sats that’d be very bullish.