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spike on liquid exchange.



lol, okay. Interesting. I wonder what that was all about…


fat fingers? 20_HEARTS


ETN update:

We are at a critical sat valueof 168 sats on Kucoin which has been fairly significant since before the second run up, but it is not bullet proof. The good news is we are VERY oversold on the 8 hour chart with the RSI at 23 and are now oversold on the daily. We have had 8 red days in a row and are long due for a bounce, which could be a significant one seeing we are at the very tip pf a triangle pattern that we’ve been hovering over for a while.

We are either going to see a significant drop to wht mid 140 range or we are going to have a nice burst up…it should be interesting to watch.


its due for a spike up, above 180 again, me think


Using traditional TA methods of measuring, a spike at this tip should propel us to ~279 sats with a downside measurement of 60 sats in the short term…but this is not a traditional market. We’ll see…


We are breaking down.
Target should be around 135 sats.

What do you guys think ?



The BTC will either TEST $4000 in 5 hours or return to $3600 levels. It’s moving in range $50 in the last 3 hours. I’m hopeful of the BTC. I think he saw the bottom point in December $3200, and the bear market ended in my opinion. I believe we will see an unprecedented mobilization for the formation of world markets. I want to give you some hope. Plenty of winnings for everyone


Yea, well, been speaking to whales that still want and believe 1000$ hell,
But all is opinions,
Experts meant Solskjaer was wrong for Manchester United too…


Solskjaer is a Manchester legend. I hope it succeeds.:sırıtma:


Looks very good so far, experts totally wrong. Mourinho was bad, with his defensive. We known a long time Sunny was a strong manager, to bad we didnt get him onto the best Norwegian team, Rosenborg.

  • Experts is no more expert than me a Fortune teller…


He must not forget that he did not set up the Manchester squad now Solskjaer. He took over Morinho’s team.


Just wondering if the Cryptopia hack, has something to do with the ETN bounce?


In what way are you thinking?


Kucoin got 50% of volume, so…


The sudden fall in price? I think most of the early byers of ETN did some ETN purchases @ Cryptopia. so this fundamental news could do that, I suppose?


Yes, quite possibly. I expect some may have been panicking that “IF” there were some stolen ETN it may lead to some dumping of the coins on the other ETN exchanges, which would lead to lower prices and they thought maybe they could get out in case this happens. It does not seem to be the case, as yet, leading to a price re-bound.


There is another possible take on the Cryptopia situation.

I am thinking the Cryptopia hack may well not include etn for the simple reason that the only thing private about etn is the wallet balance. The other privacy functions have been removed and therefore may make them more traceable.

Maybe someone with more technical knowledge on the privacy fundamentals can confirm/dispel this train of thought?


Despite the Cryptopia situation, the market has not done any significant out of the ordinary moves which brings a little hope that the ETN coins were not touched on Cryptopia…but we’ll see.

On the Kucoin chart, we are starting to see a bounce back up after the double bottom. We have ~25 minutes left on the current 8 hour candle. If we can hold 171 sats and close, it’ll be a bullish sign coupled with the RSI moving up out of the oversold territory.


We closed at 172 sats, above the downtrend line! Now we see what happens from here. I don’t see a massive drop to the 140 sat range like we were in danger of doing prior to that close. I’d love to see some follow through with some upward momentum.

EDIT: With Cryptopia now out of the picture, it means less bot manipulation. We may actually see less downward pressure for the short term.