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Here is the Kucoin chart using the same pattern overall with more focused TA tweaks. As we know, Cryptopia and Kucoin kind of do their own thing…which only adds to the confusion. But looking at Kucoin, it would appear we already broke above the line. The thing holding us down is the 7 day moving average (the little blue squiggly line). But this is not really surprising due to the lull we are in with development.

Why do I use a lower resistance line? Because an initial fomo run up is not a reliable starting point as the FOMO overextends


Just som icecooling. Its weeks for news of character. And the minerdump goes on. If we lay away TA, there is low buying will, other than take the miner coins.
We can be in for a massive dump down at 100 if volume dont come… not Fud, hehe, just don be suprised of dumpers in Bear.
I suggest to have some fiat backhand


I’ve been doing some studying (which is not always a good thing). In an effort to not persuade anyone from doing anything, I’m simply going to point something out for you all to look into for awareness.

We may be in for a pretty drastic drop in the coming couple of weeks which may be interpreted as the capitulation event a lot of people are waiting for. I’m not saying it will happen by any means, but there seems to be a cycle at this time of year that repeats itself. If you have not looked into it, check out the market swings that typically start about a month out from Chinese New Year every year.

It may be something. It may be nothing. But if we see history repeat itself, we could see BTC at VERY low prices for a very brief time period. Such an event could have considerable effects on ETN which would drop the satoshi price too. How much, I do not know…no one knows as this dip is not based off fundamentals of any projects.

Please don’t do anything based on fear as this is not financial advice by any means…it is just one man thinking out loud and speculating after looking into BTC market cycles. IF we do dip hard, know that prices WILL recover over the coming 3-4 months and turn this market bullish.


February 5th is the Chinese New Year. So you mean it could happen any day now?


Feb 15th is Chinese New Year. And yes. It could. In fact, I’d argue yesterday’s drop was the first of the series. But we’ll see. What I do know is BTC has formed a bear flag since the second drop yesterday which supports the theory of another one coming.


2019 5 Feb Pig Tuesday

The Lunar New Year and the Bitcoin cycle

Put bluntly, you can expect that 2–4 weeks before the Chinese new year there will be 2–3 noticeable sell-off events. Those can be very extreme (as it happened in 2015) or more subdued, resembling an “Adam and Eve pattern” (in technical analysis speak), as it happened in 2018 before the bear market of Jan 28th.


Well I think this drop was the first of 2 or 3 according to the article I read.


A hard Dip too low, can make a fast bounce, both Btc and Etn, most will not get the chance of get some thus the cheapest coins go fast, and nobody want to be the one sold lowest before turn. Thats why we see this sharp V 's for only a brief moment.
However, for Etns case, i like this longer flattening though, remains me of the long Tundra down on 80sat before we spiked as hell.:blush:
What i think personal, is that we are at some flat bottom plain around 165-180 here, and that we might go up a bit in Sat if Btc drops, because Etn gets cheap. Making room for even better value when btc goes up a bit.
Will see, but iam quite shure ETN is in a calm before storm, of february. Just hope there is enough buy power to scoop the minerdumps meanwhile. I think so, im pretty shure the volume is due to alot holds fiat backhand for a btc drop or jump on fast if its a newsbull for Etn. Or, i got some inside Tel actually, on quite alot Fiat is just clicks away for action, but cannot say anything on that case.
Its better lighting the fuse in a run😉


yep…like I said…everyone do their research and plan accordingly based on your own due diligence and beliefs. But the main thing to remember is we are NOT going to zero and we WILL recover just like we do every year. One way or another, this bear market is going to be over sooner rather than later.

Let the games begin.


Its due to what Etn gives in february.
The money laying will give you goosehair, i tell you, if its good, the first spike we had here will be nothing. But its needed to be good, if it aint, it can be a long 2019 pricewhile. I will be totally wrecked in the days nearing barca, because i aint making up that amount fiat laying ready to fire this boat up.
Shaking hands


Thought you may like this guys work!!



The ETN chart turned rather bearish imho. We want to see such curve the other way around :o

What do you think ? Buy volume is also getting thinner.


I think, IF we go down, 172 will hold? But I am still possitive that the previous bounce on 172, was on the 78%Fib, the retracement bounce of wave 2?


You see Etn flats out, like on the flat before spike, satoshi price is one thing, but you shoud also look on the mcap, to compare.


Right now it all falls on the shoulders of BTC. I don’t see ETN falling on its’ own due to reasons I’ve stated above in the last day or two. I am personally of the opinion that we are looking at the capitulation event in the coming ~2-4 weeks which will affect all crypto satoshi values. But I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time. No matter what, we’ll see a bounce back very quickly, especially with ETN and the MWC coming.