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Have a look-very berish


Not TA. Just a fun scenario that could become true.
70k end of next year. One year later like 800k BTC.

It’s funny how it doesnt even look too unrealistic or impossible. Well well :smiley: Have a nice christmas time everyone <3


Heading out to the in-law’s for Christmas so my posting ability will be next to non-existent after this for a few days.

I’m not going to go into anything deep since I don’t have much time. The wife and kid are in the car waiting and I’m procrastinating because I really don’t want to go;p In any case, the Cryptopia chart is looking good for ETN. We are coming to the point which ends on Christmas Eve. We will break one way or another, but based on recent price action and news I’m hoping it breaks up.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays for everyone that celebrates this time of year.

Edit: the support line can be adjusted now that there appears to be three solid candle touches…I did not notice in my rush to get on the road. Looking at it from a glance, it extends the break out time line 2-3 days which puts it right in line with the KYC deadline. Funny how that works…


Merry Christmas to you and your family, many thanks for all your efforts, I love reading your posts. :+1:


I celebrated my Christmas yesterday.The Solstice.
With my family and friends in the forum.
Have a great break and thankyou for your amazing work on this topic which I thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis.
Enjoy however you celebrate!


Happy solstice and xmas or Jòl!
Many will fall off a few days, but be back with stuffed stomach and happy faces!


Bitcoin made a huge christmas candle on the hourly

Merry Christmas everyone.



Most of you probably spend time celebrating with your loved ones. But I still want to keep us up to date.

ETN broke 200sats and in the orderbook it looks like we found a litte support there. Volume is not yet confirming it,but we seem to be getting closer to a possible breakout.

PS: Merry Christmas everyone :slight_smile: :stars:


Also we see BTC dominance dropping while the price is rising. Thats very bullish and that is what we saw in the last bullrun when the alts also had huge spikes.


Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

I just got back from spending the weekend with one set of in-laws and was able to break away from the wife and daughter to checkout what’s been going on while I’ve been away. Everything is looking beautiful (but I still believe we will see a massive sell off before the real trend reversal)! But in any case, let’s all smile and enjoy the green while it lasts!

ETN completed the triangle with a small bullish break up as anticipated. However, it was a weak break up in my opinion, so expect it to test the 202 sat line a few times. Hopefully we can stay above before the next move. I don’t know what the 27th holds in terms of price movement for the KYC deadline, but let’s enjoy the upward movement while we have it.

Enjoy your time off for the holiday if you celebrate it and dream of reindeer hoping over rainbows of green candles en-route to the moon :slight_smile:


The BTC is in a 4-hour chart with a reverse head and shoulder formation. $4400 If the resistance point is broken, we can see a leap up to $4800 and then $5600 respectively. Or if the $4400 resistance point cannot be broken, we can fall to the $3200 support level.

It’s never investment advice.


It is even more clear on the BTC daily chart


That would be a nice bottom formation. Lets see :slight_smile:


The stock market is crashing very hard while BTC is holding or going up.

If this theme will stay crazy things could happen.

S&P 500 on the daily


I have been charting the DOW for a few months now. I told my former financial adviser it was going to crash based on the double top we were forming at the time with ATHs. He told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and made fun of TA, like so many others do (including some of my wife’s family). They all said nothing has changed, the fundamentals are still there and the news is strong. I always told them to show me the charts and I’d tell them the news a week in advance. None of them are laughing at me now.

With that said, we are in new waters. Never had crypto been an asset at a time the traditional markets are crashing. We’ll see what happens, but in the mean time I’ve set buy orders very low just in case we do see that heavy crash everyone seems to think we’ll have. Otherwise, I’m fine with my current positions and will be happy to ride the reversal up.

As far as current TA on the crypto market, we’re seeing a typical Christmas dip. It should be temporary and start to head back north (barring any traditional market correlation issues) in a 2-3 days…I hope;p Otherwise, the inverse head and shoulders pattern forming on the BTC chart looks good. Let’s see if it stays true and we see this thing go up!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone out there if you celebrate them! Now, back to turkey frying!


You are not alone in your reasoning.
I have been educating my daughter in the ways of the Worlds Investment Markets.

I have indicated the crash coming and how it will affect her as a non investor.
She still looks at me Quizzically and says…"Daddy are We There Yet? "
Thanks @Cryptoman976,
Im glad Im not alone!


I feel you. The charts are all the news we need. I was calling for a crash since weeks as well. Not only because of this chart, but also other charts that strengthens my beliefs. Like housing markets and us debt. Its likely that we are in for a huge crash, which will probably also hurt many fiat currencies. It’s not really a good thing short term though.

Lets see what we will say in 1 year from now.


This coming crash is going to be unique for sure. I hope we are prepare for it.


True. But in theory its a crash already. We are right in it.
I wonder how low it can go. We never really had a “big” crash. But this one may be.


I read an interesting article the other day.
The HSBC report.
Ten factors that are influencing the financial markets.
A couple of things there that I never even considered.
I wont begin to bring politics into this topic but I will say that a countrys internal political struggles can sometimes have a dramatic effect on traditional financial markets.