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Here is what I’m referencing with the TA measurements and expectations:

It’s very possible we don’t go that low, absolutely possible. But it is also possible we go lower…we simply can’t know for sure. Depends on the weak hands at this point.

Regardless, the head and shoulders pattern has been confirmed :frowning:


Seriously would love to hit 3k then bounce and get this bear market over with…


It’s now 22:00 pm, this will be a sleepless night with finger on the buy button :rofl:


I would too…I just don’t know if 3k is the bottom. It’s more a mental support as a big round number than an actual support. The next actual support is 2853.

I’m still waiting on my last available fiat to hit coinbase pro so I can set buy orders and not worry about staying up overnight with a trigger finger! I just hope it doesn’t hit bottom before I get it! I was expecting it today…but hopefully tomorrow…


I don’t care where the bottom is as long as we hit it and start a bullish trend. This bear market is just getting old at this point


the intersection of the 3240 line and the downtrend support is extremely strong. It’s having a tough time breaking through it

We may see a bounce to the neckline and then another push down in a later time frame when the lines aren’t on top of each other.


Currently, the interest in buying these dip is not particularly strong…


Bitcoin analysis has some correlation with ETN…so thats fine… but beyond etn/btc lets keep it loosely on topic please. If you wish to discuss other projects which have nothing to do with ETN please take it to the non-etn part of the forum.


Is ETN starting an uptrend ?
Volume is not confirming it yet, but we are seeing higher lows.

A breakout with volume from this tightening pattern would offer a nice trade.



I think with the current BTC situation are trades on ETN very difficult.
I’m not trading with ETN but buy again and again the dips.
Bitcoin looks currently very weak, stands for several hours on the support of 3250 and has very low volume.
It would’t surprised me if we see a dip in the psychological zone 3000 and maybe a test of the next support of 2850. What i hear is that a lot of people say we already see the ground but the buy orders say something different.
I’m not a ta pro, maybe @Cryptoman976 can make a ta analyse :blush:


Nothing has changed since the BTC TA yesterday. We are still at the same level of 3240 holding a very strong area of support. We had a fairly strong sell push yesterday to try and push the price to under 3240 but it failed. Now the volume has relaxed, possibly due to seller exhaustion or the bears are holding out for a weaker window.

I would not be surprised to see BTC trade sideways until Sunday or Monday (or even go up to the neckline at around 3340) before making another push down. The intersecting support lines at the 3240 range is simply proving to be too strong to break, but the double support will be weakened over the next few days as the lines move away from each other into two separate weaker support lines that the bears can fight one at a time as opposed to both at the same time like they are doing now.

With all this said, volume is extremely low as it is. There are buy orders up in the 3k-3200 range that are very strong. It is very possible we’ve seen the bottom, but no one knows for sure. All we need is for the bulls to step in and start moving us up. It would not take a whole lot to do that at this point.


It seems the lines may be far enough a part already for the bears to continue their push. Let’s see what happens…


Everything could happen now. If you look at the hourly you see that we had a head and shoulder pattern, that just reached its target around 32xx$.

its just a guess, but I’d say we find support here or very soon. So I’m still only looking for buying/long opportunities :slight_smile:


Also check out these two candles.
For me these are bullish indicators that buyers are coming.

Well. Wait and see I guess :slight_smile:



yes agreed…plenty of bull signs that people are overlooking for sure. The bulls are there ready to strike but are slowly buying and waiting to see how dumb the bears will actually be on dumping the price. There’s going to be a very nice beautiful bounce when the bears hit the target price the bulls are looking for. Will it be 3k? 2800? 2400? Who knows. But we are fast approaching that exciting area and am ready for it…sort of. I’m still waiting on my fiat to hit the exchange so I can set my orders.

I just watched Karl’s video from “The Moon” youtube channel for today. This kid is growing on me more every day. He and I chart in a similar way and our outlook on the market is almost identical. He is more of a BTC maximalist but I can’t fault him for that and understand why.

I like the poll he posted and shared on the video with his 2 cent input on it.


Big moves is coming …


Just opened the btc chart and its flying.
5min view.

Lets see what happens.


Some think its cheap


nice little manipulated recovery…went high enough on the 5 minute chart to hit the oversold RSI level and started trading sideways


All well and good for a wee while.
Then somebody scrapes 2 billion off the top!
Going to be a wild day ahead!