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This is not acurate, but is not far out, i did a elliot count, and used the 5 as a major and abc as corectiv, and it can be correct, can you teak a look on that, because i dont have any chart to do it on, i have never used the chart on cryptopia.

My first fiver goes wrong see that now


can the ABC count you have a 12345 count be a correctiv count? I am bad at elliot count so i am just asking :slight_smile: i am only a TA privat student on my computer trying to learn


I’m not Elliot wave expert myself, but the patterns you have on your graph do not look right at all and none of it really makes sense (please don’t take that as condescending, I’m just providing constructive feedback based on what I know)

For instance, where you have the first “1” can not be a 1. You have to have a spot of origin before you put the first number/letter (number/letters don’t mean anything to me so I use them interchangeably as they are all essentially a 5 count)

The point of origin on yours would be where you have “1”. “2” would then be “1” and so forth.

The point of a direction movement is the origin spot and the count starts on the peaks/bottoms, just like you see on the second chart you posted. The 1 is in the first peak, not at the origin. The rest of your chart is completely off based on that main mistake, not to mention is is hard to follow:(

Edit: I tried to follow it further and can confirm you are not following the rules of Elliot. You are placing letters and numbers in random locations that would seem to be spots for them, but they are not. Elliot waves are mainly applied to defined ascending and descending triangle patterns. Outside of that, you can’t really do an Elliot wave.


ETN seems to be building a nice base on the .618Fib level here on the weekly chart.

There is really not much to say. But we would potentially be setup for a straight launch if markets stabilize.


Is this better, i like feedback so always do it, or it is hard to be better. This is a forum and resaults are always good to be talked about

In my post higher up i got my last C on the caputilation area :slight_smile: now i hope i got it right


The bulls are trying to bring BTC back from the grave.


In this market, nothing would surprise me. (Cough… Electronero!)


sounds like a short cut


No. There is no ascending/descending triangle (or penant for all that matter) with your application with defined and common high/low points. You are applying the high/low points of the overall picture which you can’t do with Elliot wave theory (to my knowledge, but maybe someone that knows it can clarify).

The ABC in the middle has me completely confused, where is the DE? But it down’t matter because it’s not being applied to a triangle of any kind with common support/resistance lines.


ABC is acorrection after a five count


I’m watching this bitcoin move like it’s a horse race. Go bitcoin, go, go you old washed up SOB, go!



Ah, okay…you are charting it differently than me. I’m not putting them all together for an extended pattern. I’m using a simply 5 count method. That’s all I really know. You possibly could be applying the entire theory correctly, but I simply don’t know enough to know if you are correct. I apply only a 5 count for defined pattern breakouts, nothing more than that.


I likke to learn more so i am diving down in a elliot teori, and it is heavy stuff for a slow mind as me and this is doing my heading :slight_smile:

But i love learning and this is fun, getting more and more hits on my TA and this thread will only be better by the years. so do TA and we can help eatch other as best we can. i am always opend for talking about this because it is a huge subject and so much to learn. watching some youtubers and we do better TA in this chatt. This is for me a great school and one day we will crush this markets


I am out of likes so i give you a :+1:


My short term EW.
Long term 500-800usd



BTC seems to be doing something again, let’s see if we can squeeze the 4100 ~ mark in a while or if we’re getting pushed down again.

Market cap is going up slowly again sitting at 131b right now.

ETN chart is looking very good, eventhough there is still alot of people dumping and the preassure for down is still very high, but we seem to be having some very nice fellas supporting the 200 line as we’ve seen the past week.

The whole cryptospace in general seems very positive going into 2019 IMO as there is quite a big war going around institutions to be the ones taking the first BIG step. We could very well see some new lows before the true reversal, but 2019 should be one hell of a year looking at all of these different institutions setting up to be the “firsts” in the market.


I really love your outlook and your optimism. I tend to agree that the big institutions will drive the market in 2019. Electroneum is the perfect choice for institutions to use as an example of how crypto can be mass adopted for real world use.
I’m sick of hearing about how Binance coin is the only coin that currently has a use case. To me, if it relies on useless cryptos, then its use case is, well, useless. Here’s hoping the Electroneum team continues delivering so we can all say we were the first adopters of a crypto with real world value.


Another successful trade. Looking to see if we can find support over 4k.