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Just ETN coin needs to say moon time too :wink: :rocket::crescent_moon:


Are we heading to another push?


Well volume is back to the usual. Keep buying folks. The 0.010-11$ zone (May High) should be our support.

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Sustained pretty good so far,
I still am not convinced we wont backtests 0083~, we need to break 014.4~ fairly soon to have further upwards momentum IMO
We had a elliot wave and correction so far

Im saying we are 50/50 down / up from here until we can break 014.4~
This is just for fun for me and you should not Take anything of this as advice.


When you say so, then I will happen tonight.
Will put my alarm om 03.00 to check :thinking::blush::rofl:

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Up to see now wether we Will be able to maintain 0083 or not. Everything is selling off hard, from tech, to btc to alts.
I see this (on the broad market) as a long overdue healthy correction.
Most markets are still up YoY etc.
Many markets is selling off with low volume so its simply a retest of where buyers Will be comfortable to Step in again.

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wheeeeeee! this rollercoaster is fun! :smiley:

Come on ETN.
We need higher highs, and higher lows.
Let’s go to $0.012

Anyone here who can do some analysis.
I think the last 24h look okΓ©.

ETN has just broken out of a bull flag with a potential target of $0.023.


the top line there has two points only - cant be a line really right?


The target of the price was made from the flagpole and it lines up with that resistance, so if it does go to $0.023, then that’ll be 3 touches, wink.

Or it could do this, who knows.

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