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Coming back here now,
We can see that I was gladly fairly wrong.

We did create a decent 1-2-3 bottom reversal on hourly and 4 hour time frame.

1 hour chart

As you can see here we had a final come back to (Almost) 0.0054 and then we headed for bullish sentiment again.

4 hour chart is looking quite bullish. We have a very Nice wick backtest on 0054~ which was not even reached.

Also got a Nice engulfing Daily candle. Could potentially repeat previous seen pattern from 1h/4H on Daily chart?

And not as if that is enough.
Weekly chart is also creating a technical pattern.

Not sure if technical market sentiment or if it is price catching up with project.

Price targets remain from previous post until further.
Not investment advice.

And a full scale weekly USD picture just because I like the view.

Also wanted to show in more detail 0054~significance

Cant argue with the technical aspects of the chart. Should be fairly “longterm” bullish momentum for quite a while now.
Adjusted bullish semi short term targets

  • 00845 - > 00912.
    And its looking like 0.0054~ is still The key line to hold. Do not really want to see another retest there.
    But let’s just see how this unfolds.
    Still not financial advice

And the very short term chart has a close oppurtunity potentially unfolding. But BTC is on the slight run aswell so could erase any momentum.

Breakout from this line of 00668~ with backup could lead to a drastic 0075 push.
Not advice :grin:
Also last Edit. There just all of a sudden came alot to talk about with this very particular event of successfully backtesting 54~


Excellent TA update @Winky :pray::clap::clap::clap:

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