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I think in the future your TA of ETN will get ruined by the mobile carriers dumping and we will all be scrambling to figure out which carrier is selling on which exchange on what fiat trading pair on what days of the month.

But it shouldn’t be that bad because all of their customers will be mobile mining and a portion of them will decide to become investors and a portion of them will decide to use it as money seeing more and more merchants accepting it and its speed and ease of use and a portion still will decide to buy some to send it to their families back home as it’s way cheaper than Western Union so all of that will bring volume buying power that will happen before the first sell off occurs.

I think any TA on ETN you do right now will be inaccurate because there are cheaters extracting BTC value from the ETN blockchain until this recent BTC crash.

China cheats in every category of trade. This is not my opinion, this is objective fact. Search any category of trade cheating (counterfeiting, pirating, technology theft, etc.) on any search engine not in that country and China will be at the top of the list. If you leave any opening to cheat or steal they will find it and exploit it and that is exactly what is happening right now to our blockchain.

F2pool is mining empty blocks - not even processing their own miner payouts. The evidence has been pretty strong.
Poolin is mining blocks with only 10 transactions in it. The evidence has been pretty strong for that one too.

So you have to think like a cheater/criminal. How many months have they been doing this on our blockchain? Quite a few. Where are their pool members located? They are going to be in Asia mostly. What exchanges are they going to dump their ETN on? The Asian exchanges - bitalong, coinbene, kucoin, liquid maybe even Cryptopia even though it is in New Zealand. Which one do they prefer? I’m guessing it’ll be the one with the highest price that they can get with the most volume with the least amount of KYC. The poolin and F2pool owners and operators are probably the “Dark whales” you guys kept talking about on the previous fight the dump club thread.

The ETN price spread was larger a few weeks ago between the top [by volume] exchanges before the Bitcoin crash that just happened. They were simply buying millions of ETN on one exchange and selling it on the other for BTC and sending it back to the first exchange and buying millions more doing this over and over again and always trying to push the price down using their mined ETN coins which they have accumulated a lot of being that they’ve been doing this for months now or the scheme could be something along these lines but similar involving another coin. But now there is a BTC crash so I think when it started crashing they cashed out to another fiat or stablecoin on some other exchange. I don’t know which one but if I could read Chinese I’d find the F2pool and poolin telegram or forum or whatever they use to communicate to each other and see what their scheme is. I mean miners are like a school of fish right? You scare them and they all swim in the same direction.

You don’t get as big as F2pool without the government giving you the OK. That’s just the way things are over there.
So the chances that they are being used by the state as a tool is extremely high, the same thing with Bitmain.
If I had to guess I’d say F2pool and poolin operators and owners are in collusion with the authorities there to keep ETN price down because they don’t want a foreign controlled crypto becoming mass adopted and at the same time those people get to make a ton of cash and grease the palms of the authorities. They probably got “raided” (wink wink) in the recent mining pool crackdown and had to shutdown for a short time to make it look good and that’s why we saw them disappear from here for a short time.


Thinking like a criminal/cheater - If I buy 1 million ETN on Kucoin BTC/ETN right now for .009017 and sell it on Liquid ETN/BTC for .009801 I just made 800 dollars minus the fees as long as I can do it fast enough right?

Well if I wait until the volume increases a lot to do this then maybe I can do this in the tens of millions as long as I can get buyers right? So the volume has to be there.
But then If I’m stuck with BTC and it crashes now what do I do? Send it to some other exchange and buy a stablecoin with it so it is not obvious that I am manipulating the market?

I personally cannot do lots of trading because of the stupid IRS rules, they will tax the s*** out of me so I just buy and HODL but someone in another country not limited by those rules…they are going to manipulate the market for sure and extract as much casheesh from it as they can.


that trade got triggered out with ±0.

But we made another higher high and higher low on the hourly, Gotta see if we can keep it up.


You are basically describing trading. Im very confused as to why you keep linking that to nefarious parties. All coins have traders. All coins have people with agenda’s who use whatever functionality they have to profit…including arbitrage.

Also in your previous message you outline a mining pool pushing price down on purpose???.. no mining pool wants the price cheaper, especially when they have a monopoly on block rewards which are a fixed amount…

Just like any financial based industry, there are enough dubious things going on around the fringes without starting conspiracy theories. Lets keep threads on topic shall we. Feel free to discuss somewhere more applicable.


Etn is like smooth waters, compared to others now. :grin:me liky liky


So we dropped a little lower. I called the previous range the bottom and I will do it again now.

Currently there is no clear pattern we are just building a pennant/flag, nothing to see yet that would look like a trading opportunity.

Volume is dropping down, which could mean more volatility soon. And since we are insanely oversold you can make gueeses in what direction.


If you check out the daily chart you will see that all previous drops had more volume than this.
Could be another sign that this really is the bottom.


If you are longterm into BTC you should not care much about these. Bakkt is coming and the bitcoin ETF. 2019-20 should be spectacular.

ETN is holding pretty well atm.


Liked that it holded through the night.
I also think it flat out here now, ready to take direction up. I dont see the will to push below, last time it did those sats got very popular to buy. Indicating people think under 200 is a very good buy


You slept through my Sunday!
I think Cosmicrypto has been holding the wall up single handed.


This is a week old chart, the same chart i chart i will use to day, but we got som happening the last week that have played out a bit more aggressive then i thought, but ok it is still a run that was expected but not that quick.
I did think the yellow line was a tougher suport, but that was not the case, it hold some but by far not enough. I dont think the fib was that bad of a placement, but not good enough, so i will do one adjustment, but keep the existing one to the up trend to see the relevanse. The green line is the measurement from the descending triangle and to the bottom, when we hit the green (2500$) and get a V-shape the only way we got then is up, and we can start looking for higher high and lower high. So i think we got one or to more shorts to play.

So as we can see whit the new updated fib i am not sure if it actually have any value or if i done it wrong. I put in a read line to mark the last 10days trend just to have an expectation fore the next periode if nothing change. The interesting thing is 4 desember and i hope we got the turning point then, that will be cool to hit whit a date :sunglasses: and we could play a Bull game. But i still dont think we got a bull run fora while, but it can be the turning-point, butt always remember that the bottom is zero!!!

And just a overview

The lastet droops have made me more bull than i thought at this point last week because we have dropped quicker than aspected. Do compare the char in post 251 and the only changes are those i pointed out in this post so i think i am on track.

ETN is difficulty to swing trade and i will wait to we hit 1$ so i am accumulating and happy whit that. Price ways i only see more users as mean for price to go up. I belive and wish ETN can go positiv if mobile companies start using us and we go live whit some deals. before that only smart money enters ETN or should i say the coming new rich people LOL. I have stated in other forums that 2019 will be the crypto year of regulations so i am exited for the new year, but i hope we start in Desember so we got a good entrains and then we will be a top 10 coin in January.

  • Will ETN be top 10 by end of January?
  • Are 2500$ the BTC turning point?
  • Will my chart play out correct?

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I really enjoy your charting and sincerely hope Bitcoin doesnt hit the $2500.
I cant see the big players not jumping on it before then with ETFs ETPs already emerging in Switzerland.


Nice nice Bfa😊
Sqirrls and chickens for you


Maybe someone took that trade. Double bottom reached target.

At the moment we jumped out of the sub 4k area which is a good sign that we may not see more downwards momentum. Right now we have to see if 4k will become support again. That would be really nice and offer a couple more trades imho.


If it plummits more, its soon possible to Cpu mine btc again… :smile:.
Well, also if etn just stays, we might get top ten just by go sideways, haha


There is some bulls in this Monday market and it is so exiting, but the bears are strong and the market can be in a dead cat bounce and there is some resistance levels to overcome and the bulls need to showe significant more strength over time, so the next couple of days are scary. so to day i start the with the ETN/BTC chart on Kucoin 8H and look fore hope.

I took a look at ETN euro at Liquid and it is not positiv but not bad just not only great.

If we cant get some more bull action the next 12 hours BTC is F… and we have to wait fore the next try from the bulls. The positive thing is the volume is better.

In this periode BTC got a 44% drop and our correlation with BTC did give us a higher fall, but can also give us a bigger bull when times come. The weekends marking is suppose to be lower volum fore trading, but it looks like
it is no big different fore us and ETN is being use all over the globe and in no special place that makes the weekends dropp significant.

This explain a-lot of why we are so connected to BTC price and that annoys me, but we are heading in the right direction, but it teaks some time

we are in a bear market and we are doing good and is not only a speculative trading option we are real, so i challenge all that have 1% FUD thoughts to showe me another coin that provides this info below and whit better numbers!!!

  • Are BTC dropping to day YES!
  • Are BTC dropping to day NO!

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I’m still only looking for long positions at these levels.

At the moment on the hourly we see the btc price creating higher highs and higher lows. If we can keep this up that is very bullish.

Right now we are facing some support where we broke the double bottom yesterday. I believe if we cant hold that we will trade a little lower again. And a bounce will be a trading opportunity.


Yay! Back from the Thanksgiving holiday travel and I have a lot to catch up on as my attention was not on the markets much last week.

With it being what I call “double dip Monday” where we usually have the biggest dip of the week, today seems to be holding up nicely…so far. In terms of ETN, we seem to be doing well. I have charted an extended downtrend on the daily that has formed multiple descending triangle patters with multiple support lines. We failed to have a breakout a few days ago and fell. We are now approaching another descending triangle wedge where the tip is Friday, but I suspect we’ll break one way or another on Wed or early Thursday.

With the current climate, I suspect we’ll head down again to test the 190 support line…but this is crypto and things can turn around in the blink of an eye. Especially with such a low market cap. It won’t take much to catapult up.


BTC is about to drop to 3400-3500$


Fall or bounce ?. Testing last support.

  • Fall
  • Bounce

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Since i a, out of all BTC positions i love watching it, it is like a never ending football match


Yes, since the volatility is back there is lots of opportunity.
The bounce also looked very strong.

The big volume candle to me looks like the price doesnt want to go much lower (for now)