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Just for the record. Another target reached.


ETN needs to move over this line with volume and then it could also offer a nice trade.



I like the cloud graphs @CryptoMatt

Following up on yesterday’s post where I mentioned a support zone from 221 to 215 looks to be holding (I added a blue box to illustrate the zone visually). But we are literally on 221 right now, so let’s hoped it stops dipping into that zone as it is bound to break under constant pressure. For the most part, things are looking positive, let’s hope it continues!


In $US


My Btc chart, no changes done, only a update


New Trade.
Keeping it simple. Entry on breakout from double bottom or higher low.


BTC is about to drop 1 H chart and the bulls are very weak, so brace for impact next leg down is iminent, i was thinking about a bear trap, but i am leaning more and more for a waterfall.


Any thought of Etn, lives a bit its own life. Got a good feel for something friday stuff, feel the buy lures down there, waiting.


Me wonder if kucoin places Etn in the spotlight, for a reason. It will clearly be visible if we do a upstream bull now.


Hope Ells and team does that, fudders will grab hair chuncks in dispair, that article with none of the tech or news of Etn but only on hitbtc is a garbage of a article, shows the fear, and the writer is for shure sitting on something else…


So what do you think that is bottom for BTC?
I want to buy more ETN. But if BTC is going lover I can get more ETN. For my fiat.:relaxed:


No one can tell you that. I think we should be at or near the bottom. I dont think we will see 3k or even lower. I’m currently looking for that trade with a trailing stop loss:


BTC pattern is no longer in play since we are trading at a little lower level.
It looks to me like BTC sellers are exhausted and the markets will go sideways (slightly down) a little till it starts to rally.

ETN also had some selloff yesterday, which led to testing the supportat 192sats. I think if we test it again we will most likely break it and trade lower. We should see within the next days.

Its nice and low prices at the moment so buying in is probably a good idea, but I still wait for more signs of reversal.



BTC 1 hour. Same chart i have used last week. I can’t see any sign of a reversal so BTC is ready for more downwards action. When the third EMA (40) meats the candle i expect a 200-300$ drop, because it is not much support in this area.


Incase someone wonders about the spike right now. Its possible that buyers are coming in, but volume is not confirming it yet. Always check for volume on such events if its not higher than usual chances that we go back to the previous price are high.


Other than that. Still watching this line incase of the bullish scenario for a possible entry.


Reverse head and shoulders forming?


New double bottom to watch on btc chart. TA can be really simple :wink:



Possible entrance point. Small double bottom leads to bigger one. Volume decent. Gl x)


A little BTC update: It is a little bull/bear fight going on so it is interesting to see the outcome.


It smells up…


maybe up, but i am a big bear to we got minimum a good V-shape in the weekly more or less