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New ETN anthem, anyone?

One way ticket to the moon :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Did you just give away your age? Billy? :slight_smile:

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A gentleman never tells his age @Tika :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It LOOKS exciting…but that volume has me worried…

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Same thought. Looks like a sharp correction and possibly ending under 0 fib lvl.
I wouldnt exit open trades though. push stop losses a tad higher and ride it :slight_smile:

On the weekly a target around 200sats from this move seems still reasonable.


Volume ended up not being too bad on that candle. This may have been a sustainable move going forward. I would like to see ETN come back down to retest the red area of former support to see if it provides support for a continued move up now.


Over what period do you think it might take to get to 200 sats??

It’s hard to say. There is many scenarios that could play out. It can take less than a aweek or a couple of months. Or we may never reach it. If BTC starts doubling and trippling soon there is a chance that we may even never see 100sats again.

100 satoshi… never see it? Por favor… really? I can’t belive in that scenario… even if BTC triple I still see us going very high… maybe not quick that happen but happen. Only in one scenario could that happen… if the project collapsed… (no invest advise just my thoughts) :wink::grin::muscle::rocket:


yes it’s definitely going to exceed 100 sats. :smiley:

I agree. We may likely go over 100 sats now. What I mean is if we go up to around 200sats or higher and then correct all the way back down we may not reach 100 sats after that again.
I think its unlikely (since price doesnt move logically) but we should keep all options in mind imho.

You mean from 200 satoshi we not go soo deep back any more to see again 100 satoshi? In this I will agree :grinning:

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No I dont think so. We can easily go from 200 to 50 sats or lower. There is too many variables to say for sure what will exactly happen. We may also go from 200 to 1000sats. In that case I think we probably wont go under 100 sats very fast. But that would require pretty high volume. I’ll create some deeper TA soon :slight_smile:

Honestly with all coming plans (halving, electricity etc)… I can’t really see us going high in sat and back all the way to 50 sat again… there will be always corection but hopefully we not gonna loose all what we recently gained

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All, can we try and keep the thread analytical / technical rather than “I’ve got a gut feeling…” etc. :blush: :+1: Its very kind of some of the community members to spend time and create TA posts, lets respect that and keep the thread on topic.

Also, remember, nothing in this thread is financial advice and as many people have said above, no amount of TA will ever predict the market without a large proportion of error due to an almost infinite number of unknown factors. So for the less experienced people here reading, remember, when people give their opinions here, it should be taken as that… an opinion or indicator, nothing more.



We broke 100 sats, and its holding pretty well.

If we can keep up this growth and break 110 sats we should see faster growth and few drops.


Are we going to break through and hold above 100 sats, or is 93-96 the new resistance area?

What is it going to take to do this?

Hi Billy, just follow these fractals, almost there!!

Does this mean a slow grind up until we get to 110 sats and when do / how long until after burners kick in?

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