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I’ve been watching the drama as well. Many “experts” are calling for a 3.5K USD bitcoin. One thing is for sure, when it hits bottom, there will be a fast spike back up as the market makers buy in mass.


Heres another one. Buy candles seem to be slowly coming. We will see.
I dont take that trade though since risk reward is not THAT great like on the other one.


What platform are you using there @CryptoMatt


The chart is from bitfinex via tradingview here


Thank you knew it looked familiar !


Anyone else thinking about buying BTC now or very soon? I don’t think this price will last very long.


I’m keeping one eye very close on it and one on Electroneum :wink: haha I feel bug eyed ! Things are getting so interesting !


Show me a chart :wink: haha


The RSI is SOOO oversold. I feel like this thing is going to bounce as fast as it dropped. Who knows though.


You can see I drew a line at 3500 because many “experts” are saying that’s the target. Hard to buy the bottom though.


There’s also bullish divergence on the 4HR chart.


Things are definitely getting interesting! Idk if I’m going to sleep tonight haha


It’s time for me. :wink: FOMO has set in.


There’s always tomorrow! Unless we take off on a massive bull run when we are asleep! But hey we do what we can right ! I like your charts post another one tomorrow if you got time have a good one⚡


Ethereum at 124 USD wow!


We may need to rub our eyes to make sure we aren’t dreaming in the morning. I never thought ltc would be 30usd again. We may see 3500. May the force be with us! I stay optimistic


Electroneum and Bitcoin are no brainer long term gainers in my mind. Even if it drops, after buying at the current price, I’m very confident today’s prices will look like steals in two years. I’m giddy right now.


We think alike my friend !


Great charting by all…
Im enjoying the input , thanks