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Here is my analysis. Stop looking at ETN from a strictly trading viewpoint, we need to break away from dependence on BTC and ETH.
Got to CMC and pull up ETN and then click markets. Now sort them by price. What’s at the top of the list? FIAT/ETN pairings are consistently at the upper range of price.

So all we need to do is get those volumes higher. How do we do that? By contacting merchants and asking them to accept ETN as a payment method because that is the markets that they will use to cash out and the mobile carriers also. If customers think it is a currency and merchants think it is a currency then it is a currency and will be compared to fiat currencies.



There was/ is a trade opportunity :slight_smile:

Meanwhile ETN holds very well. No one is panic selling in the ETN camp yet. May still happen though.


ETN is a beast…that’s all I can say.

No one panic selling and we barely wicked into my personal buy zone (the blue box) unlike the other coins I am invested in where we have nearly hit the very bottom of my blue box zones. Unreal!

The good news is there is a hint of a bounce at this point in time as I watch and type this live. No one get excited yet, but the US is waking up, the selling is slowing and the RSI is at historical lows on the Bitcoin daily chart. A bounce right now would not be surprising. IT’s a matter of how high that bounce goes and whether we continue the downtrend afterward.

In terms of ETN, not only have we not really gone into the blue zone, but we are apparently trading out of the downtrend again…we’ll see if we can close above it and stay/go up. Current conditions would dictate we should go down…but this is crypto and ultimately no one person really knows WTF is going to happen…but at least crypto is exciting again!



Target reached. Gotta love that volatility.


I did not realize HitBTC actually went live. Lowest sell price is 400 sats which is WAY over inflated right now. It is causing the pump we see, but I don’t see it lasting as we are almost already overbought. Be careful.


Congrats on the people who sold for 1000sats and more. Nice profits there. And it was actually predictable.
And also. “When hitbtc” is finally over :slight_smile:


This is off topic I am sorry, but maybe someone could help/
My ETN deposit address in HITBTC is too long and is not accepted by cryptopia “Invalid ETN Address”. Does any body know why?


Is your address on hitbtc a proper ETN address? starts with etn? On a side note be very careful on hitbtc, they do have a dodgy reputation.


No…it starts with
and is much longer than standard ETN address!!!


As far as I know ETN addresses always start with the letters etn at the beginning. Consider asking on new tread.


I agree. The pump is through hitbtc. But it doesnt matter much, since its across exchanges. And it helped ETN to form another double bottom pattern and another chance for a trade if we see a breakout out of that.


There is only 42k ETN up for sale on HitBTC…

Something isn’t adding up. But I agree it is helping prop the price up on the other exchanges.


HitBTC uses integrated wallet addresses much the same as TradeOgre. It starts with f4V not etn and avoids confusion with Payment ID etc. It works. 2 confirmations needed to see the transfer, 20 for deposit.


But I tried to transfer ETN to this address from cryptopia and got rejected “Invalid ETN Address” and the ETN mobile app also did not accept it.
From where can I deposit then? Will it work with cli wallet?


Copy the address itself using the “Copy” button in HitBTC deposit label
Don’t use the QR Code … It doesn’t work


Yes, I did exactly that…did not work!!


Yes … It doesn’t work if you’re withdrawing from Cryptopia
But it works if you’re sending it from Electroneum Wallet App

If you have funds on Cryptopia, you can send it first to your electroneum wallet, then to HitBTC


If HitBTC deposit issues need further discussion, please consider opening a new topic. Let’s try keeping this thread focused on technical analysis. Thanks!


You are right, sorry for the disturbance I have caused.


We are looking very good on the 4 hour sitting at 226 sats on Cryptopia. The HitBTC listing busted us through some major resistance lines (215 sats, 220 sats, and the 50 day moving average currently at 221 sats) that will now act as support.

The forces are really trying to dump the market even further now and see if they can break the $4k BTC price point. So we’ll see how this all plays out. The BAKKT delay did not help. But so far, ETN is looking strong.