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The 10 decimals is a Kucoin platform option. It is not coin specific. You can change it yourself. But I do agree overall, I don’t like 10 decimals.

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Hello everyone, friends. I haven’t been in the forum for a long time. I wanted to do a technical analysis on ETN. It’s stuck between 50 days of MA and 200 days of MA. 50 days of MA support is available and 200 days of MA are moving downwards. I think etn will have a good day in the next two weeks.


But i dont see any other of the coins on XXsats have 10 decimal order books? For example they would be either 40 sats or 41 sats and not 40xx sats as we have in our book? Not sure though but thats what ive noticed

I’m not a fan of all the different technical tools that one can use, but I see many people use the ichomoko cloud indicator. And I put it on the ETN chart for funsies just now, and come to realize that on the Kucoin daily chart we have only once been above the cloud before, and we built a top on 400 sats then. I’m sure many of you know of that pump.

However, for the daily chart as of now we are once again for the second time in Kucoin history above the cloud…
Could be existing to follow and I will keep an eye on this indicator in the coming weeks to see how it will play along with the chart.

Thank you and take care.

*Edit - What is your favorite tools for charting to use? Anyones that gives you superior “confirmation” and belief regarding where the market will head?
My personal favorite tools is simply past price action with resistance and support levels/zones & ranges. Sometimes I can find the RSI and stoch RSI quite intrieging aswell but I really don’t pay all that to much attention to them.


Elliot wave with RSI (just for divergence :slight_smile:


I have noticed the 10 decimal option on all the coins I have looked at. But I only follow a few. I could be wrong, but I do believe that is platform specific. I don’t know of any of the other ETN exchanges using 10 decimals.

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ETN’s latest daily candles look a little awkward. But we often had that on good news. A spike and a sharp selloff. High volume could also be because of that news.

Lets see if we can hold this level.

ETN Daily Chart showing a Hammer Candle (not closed yet).

its the kucoin chart

Anyone know if it’s possible to hide these two crossed sections? Especially the absurdely massive orderbook?
I don’t understand the new design as you can barely even see the chart anymore?
I know you can go fullscreen mode still.

I know I think they have ruined the complete interface. Dont like at all atm.

It’s better on the mobile app currently

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this ?


Yeah that’s the fullscreen mode… But it’s inefficent imo and I don’t like FS, way prefered the old layout :frowning: ahwell…

I liked KuCoin more before…

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Potential Inverted HS on the BTC chart?


Googles first inverted HS example as im far from an expert in this field.



Could become one. Remember you can only trade it if it breaks out to the upside.

Looks to me also like a bear flag. Depending on what chart you look at.

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Yeah definitely noticed the bflag. The flag could actually play out quite well to find a bounce on a support line that dates back to the end of the bear market in 2015, but idk it feels very far stretched to pull a line almost 5 years back and still find it so significant… We’ll see :slight_smile:

Turns out that me and everyone else who claimed that we get an altcoin rallye was right.
Now the question is, where will it go.

If BTC manages to go sideways or slightly up that could give some real momentum to the alts.
If BTC surges to 20k it would be really bad for the alts.
And if BTC drops really fast it would also be bad (imho unlikely scenario).

BTC Dominance on Daily Chart:


Is kucoin volume glitched I’ve been wondering for some time?

For example, the 4hour chart gives us a volumebar from 12->16.

it notes some 227k~ volume as we speak, eventhough there is orders that far exceeds that amount during the time periof of the volumebar?

Noted this a couple times previously but didn’t pay attention, but it seems to be something wrong atleast?






Or am i missing something and misunderstanding what’s showing?

Edit* All of the screened orders here is in the same 12-16 4H volumebar timeframe, and as you can clearly see only those very few orders far exceeds the shown volume for the timeperiod

Sorry Winky, I don’t know enough about how exchanges calculate anything to be able to answer your question. What I do know is Kucoin’s new version of their exchange site is less than ideal…thank the universe you can switch it back to the old version in the top right corner.

With all that said, I am expecting some sort of sizable move (in ETN terms).

We have developed a pannant flag with an uptrend line starting back in late August and a downtrend line starting back in late September coming to a point, which we technically fell under yesterday. Typically when you breach lines like that you have a big move, but we did not see that. We are actually trying to break back above.

If we are successful in breaking up, it will be a nice shot to around 51-52 sats. If we fail, I am expecting a dip to the support downward trend line (and .618 fib line) of the downtrend tunnel at around 40 sats, where we will hopefully see a nice bounce…but we’ll see. This is crypto.


Some bearish signs on the daily.

Didnt break down yet.

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