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Thank you both! :slight_smile: :relaxed:


The only other option is making a Coinigy account which uses tradingview charts to map any currency with any pairing for each exchange it supports…but that does cost money. But it is also a full suite trading phone/desktop application too


Thanks! What Indicator do i need to add for Fib?



i was shorting 1.2 btc from 6488 at 70% lev and got out at 6431 it was a nice fast ride!


Very nice. I sent the BTC I bought to my Trezor because I don’t day trade. Just stowing it away for the long haul. I think we’re going to see some nice increases in the next few months with BAKKT, Fidelity and other institutions coming online and jumping in the game


Yes i agree, I am in NY so i hear alot more crypto chatter then the news tends to release. Some of these firms and hedge funds i like to call the silent majority . They never alert anyone until after they make moves lol


precisely why TA is important. Who is it that said, “Ignore the news, show me the charts and I’ll tell you the news”? It’s a great line I use often


I appears a new nine has formed. One that follows @CryptoMatt’s line drawing style. It’s still an uptrend overall (yellow line), but not as steep as my original line in while. Here it is on the daily.


We still have to close at the current price for that yellow line to be confirmed, right now it is simply in play. Should we dip lower, I could see the red line below forming with a close price at 239 sats.


There’s another line that could come into play but it is descending which would cause a lower low and form a descending wedge pattern with the current short term white down trend line…I don’t want to draw that one…so we’ll keep it positive until we have a turn for the worse


Looks like a narrowing pattern on the daily. Lower highs but also higher lows. Maybe a bigger breakout coming soon.


Yeah agree. We are at pretty low volume. That combined with low volatility is an indicator that a breakout is coming closer. It could still take a while though. But I believe the next breakout will be pretty big since we got more exchanges/pairings and thus a little more liquidity that can flow into ETN.

I’m personally looking for a double bottom on the RSI or something similar :slight_smile:


Pretty heavy buying on liquid recently atleast for the eth pairing

Continiously for 1½ trade feed pages


What do charts tell us? :thinking:


We are in support zone around 200sats. It is a buying opportunity, but I personally look for some reversal sign. Double bottom could form on RSI that would be bullish :). Support around 200. Resistance around 300. If we break 300 target probably around 400sats. If we break 200sats there is not much more support.


Looking at the bigger picture, the 1 day chart (BTC/ETN, Cryptopia) is looking good.

The uptrend support line is currently at 231 sats which we are successfully holding (so far) with a minor support below at 220 which would be the double bottom price point.

Under that is a bigger support line of 200 that I hope we don’t visit as that would form a lower low, breaking the uptrend.

All in all, ETN is still looking more bullish than bearish with plenty of room to run with the RSI currently around 37. We’ll see what the typical down days of Sunday and double dip Monday bring as they are the true test of support on a weekly basis.



The uptrend line has held true but we are now into the typical down days of Sunday with tomorrow being double dip Monday. If we can stay above that support line, I see ETN breaking the resistance line any time between Tuesday and early morning Thursday (US East coast time).

If you are looking to buy more, today and tomorrow should be the cheapest you are going to see unless there is an unexpected dump for whatever reason. ETN is looking strong!


I believe its most likely that we see a big swing up from here. That is if BTC also starts climbing again (Otherwise more sideways or down). Crypto market volume is crazy low. That calls for some volatility. Pretty much just waiting for “that day”. Could still be delayed for a while. But it will happen.