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Not much TA explanation needs to be done here. I don’t know if it’s temporary, but the volume looks decent to suggest it may be a real move…either way, I’m going to smile for the small victory and sign of life:


Well. I’d say it was bound to happen at some point. Lots of liquidity is going to alts at the moment. Many otehr cryptos already had bounces. Lets see if we can build some real support in this area on ETN BTC.


It is decision time…didn’t think this would happen in one day…but I never thought oil would go to -$40 either…but here we are…


Played out better than my target, it was lucky with the timing,
should take profit of at least a few from that trade. Like others
have said low volume, not much liquidity.

For the long time holders a long way back.
Still think it undervalued, compared to other cryptos, we’ll get there.
I kind of wish we could still gpu mine it like the old days :wink:


Remember this fractals?? :slight_smile:


I’m mining eth and exchange it to etn since half a year. you can also mine on thorshammer pool and it exchange your coin to etn automatically

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yeah we do. Last local high was about 58 SATS.

If this bounce is real, (IMO) I would expect a bounce (short time) up to 0.768 fibs (51 SATS) possible (in a few days) retesting last local high (58 SATS) :crossed_fingers:


So maybe upto 36 sats by end of the month?


Time frames, not that easy to predict! This fractal spike happened 11/09/2019 - 27/0//2019 (that was the first stop spike I refereed to above) The second spike 29/10/2019 - 29/11/2019. Fractals in nature look alike, but the time will most of the time differ, so long stiry short, one cannot put a time stamp on this?

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Hi everyone, first of congrats for a long-standing valuable post.
I can count reading through this post as a book :slight_smile:
Coming back to present times, what do you guys make of this? is that bullish or bearish?

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Bullish flag, continuation pattern, bullish long term! Short term, bearish


In your opinion, will it retest the 26sat range?

I do believe this can be a wave 1, then the correction will be at levels 61.8 or 78.6 (fib levels), bounce from levels?


nice TA there BABS, looks familiar :crossed_fingers: :grinning:


What exchanges are you guys/girls using?
Im on kucoin at the moment.
Had a look at the chart this morning. Have to wait and see what it does.
Large wick to the upside, not great. Big candle but a strong rejection, there is a lot of supply.
Takes a while to eat through these supply zones, need equal demand.

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Nice retrace to the .618 with what appears to be a bounce on the 4 hour chart

RSI looks good right in the upper middle region at 53

MACD is converging bullish.

Things are looking good! fingers crossed for a continuation move up (and hopefully through) the long term resistance yellow line above.


Looking at the daily close that officially ended the week, ETN has had a very bullish move after bouncing hard off the .786 and closing above the .382. For the first time in a long time, my mood is swinging on ETN’s price to the bullish side. Over the years, we have seen big unsustained moves up only to drop down lower over time. But this is the first time we’ve seen anything resembling a trading market at all with a continuation bounce in a very long time.

Etn still needs to make a higher high and get over the overhead line of resistance, but I’ll take a baby step of showing some sort of market at all with a little volatility:)

EDIT…right after posting the above, it looks like it’s actually making a move to test that resistance!

If it breaks up and closes the current daily candle, we just might have a reversal…crosses fingers



ETN has breached the long term resistance line. As you can see, we have breached it once before but fell right back down into after retesting it for support. Volume looks good (for ETN standards) to suggest this is a real move. The question will be what happens on retest.

Life! We have life!


By breaking the latest highwe formed an uptrend now on the daily chart. (higher high).
Pretty bullish news. The next few days will show if we can hold this trend.



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