ETN Supports Family Values

Let’s all just take a step back and consider the impact the M1 mobile will have on families in the unbanked world. Put ETN aside for a moment and look through the eyes of a third world family and think carefully about what I am about to share.
As parents our children are our world we will do whatever it takes to teach them, and assist in providing the best future we can for them. There is very little difference between us and them when you consider the values and principles we hold dear, and the love we have for our kin.
The difference is that in a third world family you almost always see division due to the circumstances poverty forces them to live with. Usually the parents will work long hours for very little and what they earn is used to feed and clothe, they know how to save and if it’s possible, usually the oldest child would be sent away to work and help support the family. Sadly this separates unity and often exposes children to all sorts of abuse, but sadly most feel they have no choice in order to survive and they make huge sacrifices. It was a fantastic idea to launch the M1 mobile phone, not just because it earns and enables, but because it reconnects family, communication is key, if Electroneum reinforces the values a family holds dear it will change lives not only financially, it honors and acknowledges why we care so much for each other in the family unit. My daughter went to Europe for 5 years and arrived back home on the same day MWC started, we all love her and have missed her very much while she was away, I was ecstatic every time we were able to messenger her and I was able to help her if she was struggling. I would be a broken man had she been hurt in any way. There are so many bonuses and benefits to ETN, it gives so much and keeps on giving, I feel deep down we are witnessing a phenomenon, and I’m so thankful for the thoughtfulness and integrity of everyone involved. And most importantly my Bella has safely returned home.

Glad to hear your baby is back home. Time to celebrate. :slight_smile: Nice share.