ETN support group at TWITTER


Hello everybody - I need to ask you for your help - We need to be more visible as a community too at Twitter. In history we won the #altcoinblitz battle but we need to support each other - because together we are STRONG & Unstopable :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: Dont forget to 3 ARROWS - We have power we are Electronians.
Please for start I call YOU for support this for better viral reach and our growth in future we need more active Twitter users for some votes and showing our support. Thanks :heart:


I retweeted, liked your post and started to follow you @Mr.CryptoCZ :blush: :+1:


Thanks for everybody who join ETN army. :slight_smile:


I see this and we need to monitor more when the marketing start - this bot is awesome to compare with other crypto projects (so we now have only about 8-20 tweets per hour but good and health community at Reddit most succesful crypto have about 50-75 tweets with hastags per hour (see below) - so for this I created this thread - with good content or article use hastags (#ETN #Electroneum $ETN or #ETN242)… If you will follow me I will teach how to do it :wink: :


Compare to others - most active users at Reddit have 1252 membres active in last hour:
And most tweets per hour have this crypto its over 70 - coudnt wait till we go there too:
So your activity is welcome :slight_smile:
Good is too use coin calendar and add there some termins if we know that something big is comming, good is to be more visible at for example trading view and create there some analysis like this… More people can easily find us and join the BOAT :wink:


The original tweet is my most succesful for over 1 year of marketing for free for ETN :slight_smile: Thanks to all for participating :wink: