ETN should extensively marketed in Philippines


Considering 77% of its population being unbanked, Philippines should be ETN’s prime target for marketing and subsequently mass adoption. Any effort have been skewed towards this direction?


Marketing hasn’t started anywhere for ETN yet. Wait until after the instant payment system is released because that is when they’ve said they’ll begin marketing. I’m sure they’ve got all their bases covered.


Yes…its just a suggestion for ETN team to consider since the availability of large number of target group… :wink:


With effortel partnership they have connections with Globe. I would love to see Globe incorporate ETN with globe. Hoping!!


It’s a good idea I think, I have several friends in the Philippines I am bringing into ETN. Good idea Bandogge, I think Globe far as I know is still the largest provider there. I know a ton of people there would also love using the gig economy site for sure. Most of my friends will likely make use of it when it launches.


I can imagine ETN has done there research and will go after those developing nations with the most smart phone users. If the Philippines has a lot of smart phone users then they will be in their sights.