ETN scratch cards

I think electroneum should seriously consider getting into the scratch card business.
These scratch cards could be launched in shops and other outlets in targeted countries to begin with and possibly worldwide eventually.
Punters could purchase these cards with cash or even ETN if they have it.
Lucky punters could get the chance win a 1 million ETN jackpot or smaller prizes.
This has the potential to be huge for electroneum and not to mention the advertising when people pop to the shops and see these cards for sale.

This is a great idea, but starts getting into tough sectors for us (gambling). We couldn’t do it at this stage, but that shouldn’t stop others running with this idea if they have connections in the world of gambling!

Not a really good Idea!
ETN prestige goes under question if it be used for gambling

In Asia gambling is huge… and a good way to reach our targets area. So scratch cards is a awesome idea for success in many countries

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