ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club

Coloured? :grimacing: it appears that hole is getting deeper.


Onwards and upwards. Well if history is anything to go by, we should be seeing a nice run up for our precious coin soon. We know how our beloved ETN likes to set its own trends :nerd_face:


To be honest, I kind of like LordSF95, He is consistent and has always been who he is and isn’t afraid to speak his mind about ETN.

That’s a good thing, and is respectable. Doesn’t mean I have to agree or can’t mess around with him a little.

It can’t be singing kumbaya around the campfire all the time in here.


Lets hope and pray to the crypto gods…


The price of etn wont rise until mass adoption occurs and demand is far greater than supply. The Algoz companies purpose is to stabilise ETN against the USD, not BTC. So when BTC goes up, our sats go down, to keep is value in USD steady. There’s some resistance at $5345 to $5600, but then nothing until $6100 ish. So expect ETN to drop in sats some more, probably down to 80 sats, maybe beyond. I don’t think any news ETN releases will change the price either, we just need more people, many more.


I wonder how the sales of the m1 are going …

We know the amazon stock went fast.



Maybe the team have deals incoming and this is just the process getting ready…

I have faith in the team


I’d say most people here have faith in the team, I do too. If you build it, they will come and the team have built a beautiful project that needs to be embraced by all.


I don’t think they will stop the increase in price though, just try to stop it tanking. No one wants it to not increase. The project can’t possibly work with it being such a low value.

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Im out of what to say. Just going to watch the shitshow coming. :no_mouth:


We’re battling three scenarios, high emissions, a rising BTC price, while trying to balance the price against USD. I think their goal is to reduce the impact of a huge selloff. So if that happens, they’ll pump the price back to where it was. A rise in price in this environment, would take time and probably when BTC is in a consolidation phase. I don’t think that’ll be likely until we hit the $6100 BTC price.

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So if that happens, they’ll pump the price back to where it was. A rise in price in this environment, would take time and probably when BTC is in a consolidation phase
are you sure?

Algoz job is to reduce sudden drops in price, I’m not 100% sure about the rising part. The team have stated that ETN needs to be stable against the USD, so that’s what we’re seeing. Slow and steady growth is what will happen, it wont follow BTC when it goes up 20% in a day.

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I don’t think Algoz job is to keep it stable against the USD but to provide enough liquidity that single entities or organised groups can’t pump or dump the price. Algoz will not stop the market if the market wants to rise or fall. Their job is to support those movements, not suppress.


Nice to know that im on paper rich, the Norwegian governs stuffed away Oilmoney is now 9000billions, or 1060billion$, but yet the massive plus im taxed to the bone :cold_face::smile:.
9000 billions on 5mill people, yes, ill take out my share please! Norway is a Hodler.


So i have a question. If they are stabilizing ETN to USD and they did this. What will happen when USD colapse? :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

Converted btc to etn. I couldnt resist and i think we are definetly oversold. If you have done accumulation during the last months, would be foolish not doing it right now. Would be enough to convert btc gains to etn.

There are no signs for loosing faith in the project, it goes on like it has done before. Just because e.g.“scam coins” like bch have crazy gains atm dont become greedy or nervous.


KCS on the move up again :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how long this trial in Africa is gonna last? I know they want to work out all the kinks before going live with a big partnership. Is it 45 days? 90 days? 6 months? 1 year? Anyone have an idea?