ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club

Onwards and upwards

We are all in this together

We are Electroneum :zap:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Is this what your talking about??

Happy new chat day everyone!


Not sure. Just found the post it was @JonneHex who wrote this

Anybody seen the bitcoin docu on netflix. I hadnt. Has now. Its about btc, but they really talk about electroneum…

Not sure if it was the one I watched. It spoke about the rise of Bitcoin, the beginnings of its trading, Mt.Gox, BitInstant and the Winklevoss Twins, Silk Road and went up to late 2017 just before the last bull run

There were parts that did really remind me of ETN

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There is one in the making I think it the one I just posted. Not sure when it will air tho…

Oh cool - I’ll keep an eye out for that one then :slight_smile:. Thank you

27 short , like ending a game before 90mins !!

John McAfee is misunderstood

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I got my first payout using the cloud miner :zap:


@PrestoCrypto You win! We win! They win!


Just got in from work to find that I have a Ether payout on the blockchain. Booosh. Great end to the day.:beers:

So, as much as I like a good conversation be it in agreement or otherwise shall we all try to be a bit less twitchy. It certainly doesn’t look good for and people wondering whether to join the conversation. I think when we are a bit news starved Cabin Fever kicks in. A lot of us have been interacting together for about half a year now and it would be a shame to have fallouts. Except with @LordSF95 he’s always fair game! :crazy_face: You know we love your input, you’re like someone’s grumpy old grandfather!


Yeah, well it could be around for a while yet. It just leaves a longer opportunity for small guys like me to stack and rack 'em!

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Woop.woop nice one


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I’m getting about 60 ETN a month from cloud mining, does that tie in with what you’re achieving, I only have one referral active of the three I have managed to gain.

This is my first payout from cloud miner so far.

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Keep on trucking, yes we are not the target market, but they’re free! In time we will be grateful…actually scratch that, I’m grateful for them now. :grin:


Well damn. I have to start hanging out in a new thread! It’s like moving into a new house. Everything feels different. Maybe I’ll go spam the music thread a bit lol


This is where the cool kids are hanging out now isn’t it?

No idea, who are the cool kids?:thinking:

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