ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club

Yup, of course we aren’t there yet. May never happen (but of course we think it will or we wouldn’t be here!). Such is the gamble of investing.


Yep and as Rich has said they have deals in place to flip the switch on 100 million users. That by itself is going to drive the price up.

This is a year of building. I wouldn’t expect more than 2-5 cents in value this year. Once that switch is flipped (could be the end of this year) we’ll all be very happy :slight_smile:


Exactly as stated, let’s not forget that crypto is fundamentally designed to increase in value over time due to decreased mining returns forcing prices up. Investors will keep coming - fact! This coin has worked miracles in the last year and what is coming is going to be nothing less than spectacular!


Very realistic. I see probably 5 - 10 cents this year, then early next year the full go happening and then it’s going to be one hell of a ride. You figure the 3 month small trial, then probably another slightly longer bigger trial, learn and fix the things that you find…should put us early next year to be able to start adding users at the quicker rate required. The video where Richard said if they go to MWC next year, it will just be to show off, they don’t need to drum up anymore business…oh damn, fomo incoming. Need to go check if my expense check is here yet.


That was either a very arrogant comment with nothing to back it up or they really do have that amount of business sitting on the sidelines waiting on them.

Judging by Uncle Rich’s business poise and the way he carries himself I am going with the latter. And because of that statement in the video, my FOMO is through the roof. Just wish I had more money to put into this project.


anybody else having dreams about etn or waking up in the middle of the night to check whats happening? I think i have a problem :sweat_smile:


And then that little blurb Crypto Rich had in his video, where he said Richard can’t do an interview because he is working on a big deal and possible a partnership with another crypto…but planned to be able to talk about it by the middle to end of next month…Load up those bags now, these prices aren’t going to last.


Do you have a link to that video? must have missed it

Came out this morning. Quote on the interview is at 15:45.


My Man! thanks dude :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Oooo more content to watch >:D


The price cannot stay low if there is mass adoption. Demand will exceed supply, and thus the price will rise greatly as a result. Right now, there is too much supply. Mass adoption will dry up supply really fast.


No News from the team the price is the lowest it has ever been I will buy another half million ETN Tanwax has FOMO scoop it up on the dip.


I don’t understand how you can live in the idea that suddenly those 99% (I don’t know where these percentages were taken, I doubt that only 1% of the people in the world are dealing with cryptocurrency) will run on exchange to buy more ETN.
In order to increase the price per ETN. When they get it free through airdrop as a better one (more like charity it comes to me).
I doubt they use 1Etn = 1 $ in South Africa right now. If ETN wants to survive it will need to attract investors from richer countries.

Not so long ago, when they all wanted ETN to be unpaired with the BTC, due to the fall of the BTC price, but at bullrun they ask how ETN didn’t go up too.

Damn people, keep your feet firmly on the ground and don’t just freak out that someone somewhere painted a building blue for example …
If weren’t the richer people buying now from the miners, the price would have been far below now (0.005) $ / ETN). As long as you can pay with normal currency, don’t count on moon and on.
That’s my opinion.

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You ever hear of ‘remittance’?


What you are saying has lots of holes and doesn’t make a lot of sense. It gets really tiring explaining the same thing over and over again…

We need a reference section like the KYC FAQ has.

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Just scoped some ETN from Kucoin. This was my last buy. From now on I am just enjoying the show. :grin:


Can’t tell you how many times I’ve said the same.


I know. But now i really said enough. And went over again​:joy::joy:. So I have more then enough ETN.

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  1. I would say less than 1%.
  2. They won’t do it “suddenly” that’s the whole point, it takes time and patience.
  3. The mobile miner is a tiny free sample, giving away free samples is a tried and tested business practice to attract customers. It is NOT charity. If mass adoption happens they will need MUCH more than they can get from the MM.
  4. No, they probably use it at the same rate as we do, so what?
  5. Does it matter which country they come from?
  6. Yes, the HODL gang has been buying, so what? They must be doing it because they think it’s a good investment. Later (we hope) come the real world users, there are more of them. LOTS more.
  7. Eh? As long as you can pay for what with normal currency? Doesn’t this apply to any crypto? Let’s give up this cryptocurrency thing, it’ll never take off.
  8. Tell this to the 2500 other cryptos that are doing nothing. This one is doing something, maybe it will work and maybe, just maybe the team know what they are doing. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: