ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club


Buy the new Samsung galaxy fold

Only $2000

You can fold many many many times


Well if your lucky that is


Apparently some reviewers have been removing a protective screen which has caused the screen to break…

So it may be a good phone …

Time will tell


Hello people.



Yeah, I want a Death worshipping nihilist, not some guy who’s a little bit concerned about over population.


Does it not worry anyone that BTC price went up and we went down.
After waiting and people saying for so long how the price will take of when BTC goes up and then seeing the opposite, what if BTC goes on a bull run and we still don’t go up with it.


Doesn’t phase me, Electroneum does it’s own thing. I think it will start a serious run of it’s own in it’s own time.


I absolutely agree with @PrestoCrypto and many others in the forum. We are being tested!!! Think back to ICO and the early days where the energy was bright and investing in ETN seemed like a sure win. Now fast forward and FUD for many has set in, when there is absolutely no need for it what so ever!!!



We live in a world where instant gratification is a way of life. It is rare that anything can keep our focus for any real amount of time. Yet this coin from start up has me and the greater community absolutely enthralled and awe struck. We gobble up merchandise like its gold, we thrive in the community just talking about our dreams and passions that one day ETN will enable us to have! People are getting their knickers in a knot because they assume there should be more progress going on (in regards to the price of the coin) and when they don’t see that they get salty. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

In actual fact it takes time for anything to become successful. The ETN team diligently has been month after month creating victory conditions for all of us whom have invested. Many of the accomplishments listed all over the place. This said the impetus of many people is that regardless of how many boots are on the ground something must be wrong because the price is not moving anywhere.



now just like Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will the full impact of ETN be realized for years to come. This is fact. The use case for world domination in mass adoption takes time, a lot of time before we even have the critical data to see the bigger picture. WE are in the front of a new frontier, exploring, expanding, moving closer to mass adoption daily! Meanwhile the team diligently works away creating more victory conditions for the beloved coin we all like to drool over.

PEOPLE >>>>>>>> keep strong in this time of supposed false FUD. This coin will rock our worlds! It is your meal ticket for down the road when the full realization comes into focus and we will all look back and go “yep” it just took time! Don’t sweat the small stuff. You get more FUD you post me immediately I will make it go away!!!

I am now way over what I thought I would initially invest because I believe, plain and simple! Those of you whom also believe are in the same boat as me. We buy what we can when we can. It is also so much more than that. We are sharing our knowledge with each other, we are supporting our own online ETN community and the communities we live in and even ones we don’t! So dearest members of this esteemed community, STAY STRONG for this FUD will pass, Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep making your predictions, printing your charts, making your posters and other merchandise and talking about all things ETN related. We are watching, we are waiting, we have all the time in the world.

We are community, we are strong, FUD will not work against us… PERIOD!!!

Have a great day each and everyone of you !!!

Much Love - Thunder


Seeing this kind of stuff makes me so happy! It is movements forward by these gestures that when many people exercise, just like what you have done here today, will make this coin invaluable! Well done, great post!!!


I believe they want the price to stay at half a penny. That is why it is inversely proportional to BTC price. It follows USD more closely. Just my observation.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Things are just as exciting as day 1

Scratch THAT

Things are way more exciting :zap:

So many things just around the corner

Something BIG is coming



Just in case anyone here wants to watch ETN stats that include Artis Turba click on the “show all markets here.”


Yeah, I’ve said it before, they put some western crybaby “investors” to shame.


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Today 6
Yesterday 2
Last 7 Days 13
All Time 831

Let’s not forget that they’re users not investors and without those so called western crybaby “investors” ETN would not be here.


Well, I said “some” not “all”. But users is what we want.


Yes we need users but think about this, If mass adoption happens and the price stays low then from an investors perspective it will be a failure but from the ETN team’s perspective it will be a success.


It’s hard to see how the price can stay low with real mass adoption, in effect the “users” become the new generation of “investors” as they will be the ones absorbing the supply far more than a few of us do. It would be more like a strong fiat currency, one that everyone wants, so its price stays strong in relation to other currencies.

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You can’t print more ETN. Fixed supply with increased demand allows for the worth of something to move up.

And you don’t think that as this ecosystem evolves it won’t attract more investors? People from the 1% in crypto? and the 99% that aren’t?

Come on man.

I understand your concerns. The more likely thing that would happen to kill the price would it NOT being mass adopted.

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21b supply ÷ 10m users = 2,100etn

100m users, 210etn

If being used in a ecosystem the equivocal fiat value must be correlated to amount of Etn being used, if mass used, low supply high demand in real life use cases, the fiat value of Etn used must be correlated to supply and fiat world value in ecosystem. The more users the less supply for the ecosystem, more demand.