ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club


Any Iron Maiden autographs? :slight_smile:

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That’s something I don’t have I’m afraid - usually actors I collect but If the opportunity ever comes up, I will get anyones :grin:


Ah, the old Click and Collect at Argos routine, very useful… I have a few customers who have to smuggle stuff into the house.


Now that is an achievement :rofl: - you win!!


That’s something I’ve never got into, don’t really understand how collectors deal with the potential fake issues, compared with counterfeit notes, coins etc, the bar is set much lower for any villains?


I think @JonneHex knows them or AC/DC

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I’ve just spent too long on youtube. M whatever is still spreading stupid all over, like it when people are fudding, why bother if it’s not worth it? Let us see what the sentiment is in a few months…I remember a Richard video from a while ago…do you remember the look on his face when he said how many users he wanted in 12 months? What determined people want: they get. Bring the fud…and accept you were wrong later…if you can. :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


Are you in the Russian wives business!? :joy::+1:

Oh I reread and you work in Argos… :pleading_face:


No, I don’t work in Argos, but customers can choose to pick up eBay purchases at Argos, it saves them waiting in for deliveries or if they want to be discreet.

I haven’t tried wrapping up a Russian girl and sending her to Argos yet.


Yeah, I tried that once… they don’t like it - also the police weren’t happy either :thinking::smirk:

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Lmao :joy: do you just use planes and busses then :crazy_face:


Yeah, I am super carefull if buying any from dealers - I prefer to get mine in person just for piece of mind.


Yes, I can see how getting them in person is best, but then if you do come to sell them, how do buyers know it’s legit, do they just study the handwriting or something?

It would be a hobby I would do for the love of it rather than as a business I think! I have a few signed copies of books but not by anyone famous, so it doesn’t really add to the value… almost detracts from it as a form of damage to the book.


That’s the thing, you could try and sell them and it is a trust thing I suppose or you go down the route of becoming an authorised dealer e.g. u.a.c.c - It’s a long process and costs a few bucks (not extortionate) but again, it still comes down to trust and studying the auto’s to make sure what you are buying is legit.


Also - ETN is fantastic!!! (Haven’t mentioned that in a few posts :wink::rofl:)

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I can imagine when its the middle of the June and we are getting 10, 000 users everyday and that snowballs into 25,000 then 50,000!


ETN is buolding a brand well. In the US you can tell a mcdonalds, walgreens, cvs, etc from a mile away due to the building style and colors. The more plces they paint the more ETN will become a normal part of peoples lives.


The future…


Have a good whatever…

Take care




Night @Plankton - moonshot tomorrow?
Here’s hoping! :wink:


The moon is supposed to be pink this weekend…



Goodnight @Shore_Fire_Bet