ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club


800 wohoooo :star_struck::fireworks::fireworks: 20 cha…


We need a new etn song can you record one please for Youtube :laughing:


7 more hours until i have a :heart: for this post…

nice to see they’re following up on their previous post with Nigel being in country.


I enjoy these updates, adoption is happening, I can’t wait to see what happens given some time. Once the trail is over they will have a good ground base and statistics. Things are going to get interesting :zap:


Absolutely! 20 :+1::+1::+1:


Part 2 of interview


We are about to drop out of the top 100 on CMC, that can trigger a significant drop in price and ETN will lose credibility in the crypto market, If we see a reaction from the team it can be ouer kapitulation point and bring us up again. The bear are ripping us apart in every way possible. Will it come sunshine after rain?

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Crypto market attracts people who wants fast profits,
but rewards only those who are comfortable getting rich slowly.
So be patient


Agreed, nice and easy - get in low… hold… laugh as you watch the price climbing :+1:


I will definitely be buying muuuuch more at the price we are witnessing, it’s an opportunity I can’t afford to miss out on!!!


^also, this is not advice - this is just my opinion and what I will be doing :wink:

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I have two big questions:

1.Where is aggressive marketing? I only see second-rate videos or social media messages.

This will not reach new prospects.

2.How does ETN want to earn money with?

The 40 Million dollar ICO revenue will soon be used up. Where does the new money come from?With a few cell phone sales, that’s not enough.

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The marketing in South Africa starts after the trial period is over. No point advertising during the trial period.

If you are thinking about marketing elsewhere, again no point until partnerships rolled out.

ICO money soon used up, who says? I’m sure they would have access to capital if needed anyway.


It is a complex picture and i described it some were on the forum, but in short they need a minimum of 22.5M users to be close to break even

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This is a 5 year plan. Minimum. Its gonna take time.

If you want quicker returns there are other investment opportunities, I’m not criticising as I myself diversify and spread my options.

Will never turn my back on this one though. Top 100 on CMC or not.


Quick question…was that 40 million ICO raised before prices went nuuuuuuuuuuts? If so…do you think that they may have cashed out to fiat for extra possibilities in the mainstream business world…and if so…how much is really in the war chest?


Same! I have short term investments that will earn me a little and slightly longer term ones that I believe to be big earners - we can guess what I think this one is and I am a patient man that knows how to hodl :wink:


For shore! :grin:

No point anyone speculating on the ICO investment that is left as no one has a scooby do. What I can see is we are only a year in and our ICO was one of highest revenue generators of any ICO. Ever.

Will be fine.

Let’s keep the vibe positive again if we can, we have seen some good developments today which in time will do us all good.


The thing is, as responsible businessmen they are not suddenly going to wake up one morning and say “whoops, 40m gone!” and run around like headless chickens. They plan things and cut their cloth accordingly.

I don’t know what all the planned income streams are but charging for using the vendor app is just one of them. A small percentage charge (ie. less than credit cards) will mount up with a big number of vendors. But we have to get the vendors first. This is what they are doing in SA.


Yep, we are still in the early days for this coin and the team is getting all the pieces in place faster than any other I have seen. When the time is right, this thing is gonna go haywire!