ETN Rocket to Mars FOMO Club

Why do you trust them? Do you believe everything a company tells you? You must be unbelievably gullible if you place blind faith on what company reps tell you.

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If iI didnt trust them I wouldnt invest. Are you sure you’re not better off buying doge coins?


I just don"t see them dumping the coins they paid more for just to keep the price down. Its doesn’t seem logical. They are surely loosing money.

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They are never going to tell etn investors ‘hey were here to stop the value of your investment growing because we’ve been contracted to increase liquidity whilst using our algos to keep the price stable…’

Come on people, sometimes youve gotta do your own research and read between the lines.

You’re so smart! Im going to sell my ETN now


Nice update from Jonathan!


I invested in the ICO back in 2017 when Algoz werent even in the picture. Now they are and I know what they do, EVERYTHING has changed. You should all be questioning the impact of this partnership on YOUR investment.

Yeah but you’re forgetting that etn has to be worth at least a few dollars for the project to even work. There just simply wouldn’t be enough value of coins to go around and be used as a currency. The price has to increase to at least a few dollars, or the whole project fails anyway. Why would they intentionally sabotage their own project?


You should probably provide solid proof of unethical behavior if you are going to start making accusations as if they are fact.

A little lesson you should have learned from M-Kid


ETN would not benefit in any way by contracting out intentional price suppression.

Of course …sure they want to suppress price because that creates excitement, generates interest, and increases how long the pre-mined MM supply lasts.

It’s a brilliant strategy. Yep Yep.



The Electroneum eco system once it is fully implemented creates the value. The various benefits of using the Etn coin creates the monetary value. XRP is a prime example. People who keep saying the coin can’t go up because it’s designed to be used and isn’t a investment coin fundamentally don’t understand how a market works.

Ripple spent 5 years building their currency exchange and remittance network.Their value comes from the efficiency of the network
over existing traditional systems, that are expensive and rely on third party fees.

This is what Electroneum the company is doing now for the developing world. The miner is a clever way of getting coins out to the end users while the network is built(marketing/distribution)

Once large amounts of money moves within this network the price will rocket due to demand and a limited supply.This project is in its distribution and development stage. How do people not get this… The Electroneum team has not even started full blown marketing because why market an unpolished untested product. This is what they are doing now with SA. Marketing is the Electronuem teams speciality,what they do best. Look at the ICO. Price is irrelevant at the moment just accumulate. I know its difficult sometimes with significantly lesser projects spiking but withdraw your thinking from the day trading market speculation and look at the big picture.

PS Developing countries turn into developed countries.


Where did I state the ‘unethical behaviour’ you speak of?

Why would it need to be worth a few dollars for it to work?

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I was wondering that too. I expected to see some extra etn in there

They are never going to tell etn investors ‘hey were here to stop the value of your investment growing

So you didn’t mean that you believe Algoz is intentionally manipulating the price and keeping it down, suppressing the price intentionally interfering with natural price increase and market moves?

No. It seems you havent taken the time to read my post. I referred to it as ‘price stabilisation’ not ‘price suppression’. You called it that not me.

Price stabilisation is good for etn. It helps drive mass adoption as vendors dont need to worry about their etn being worth significantly less than the day they recieved it. Its good for the project.

Its just not good for investors because in addition to preventing the price dropping significantly, it also prevents the price from screaming upwards. Good that we dont see a massive drop in price, but not good because we dont see a significant upswing in price.

Make sense yet?

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They said they would not interfere wih natural market moves up or down. They talked about counteracting obvious attempts at manipilation.

If they did excatly what you say they do then we wouldn’t be down -6.35% right now.

Or you just trying to say they are really bad at what they do?


ETN is not trying to keep the price at .006 USD, that’s just silliness.


Hopefully in a while we see a slow and controlled rise. Because sentiment is going to hell in a hand basket. I try to keep in mind that in this project, investors are not the main target so much as growth. But waking up to 112 sats is irritating. I know it’s along term goal here, but I never thought we would see these levels. When nearly every bag holder is down, you can expect criticism and fears being expressed, and people can call this fud if they like, but I believe in the project, have since I first read about it. This sentiment is toxic to us and it’s not going to go away until we see a stable rise in price. It is just what it is.


We have no proof and absolutely no idea what their algo is doing - we just know from various interviews that etn needs to be stable for it to be accepted by vendors.

How can you create stability in the crypto world? Not sure whether you need to do any maths to work that out.

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