ETN Rewards - Pending balance reset to zero

Below is an explanation as to why this would occur:

The reason your balance is now showing 0 is that your pending balance is being transferred to your wallet.

The payment is currently making its way through the blockchain and it will display in your wallet once it has completed.

If you have not received your ETN rewards in 14days please get in contact with our support team and we will investigate this further for you.

In the meantime, please continue mining whilst your payment is being processed.


I had mine reset twice and I can’t even activate my wallet… It always says access denied. I done with the verification… and everytime my mining hits 100etn it resets :disappointed:

What wallet? I never put in a wallet address for it to send to…if this is referring to the wallet in the app then why would it take so long to transfer from itself to itself?.. did I really just spend almost a week and a half mining for someone else?

Hello sir I created one YouTube tutorial video on electroneum app, if you like it please upload it in app as tutorial.

For ETN Rewards, please refer to Phase 2 community Update from Richard Ells 19/05/2020

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