ETN Referral Cards - SPREAD THE WORD


Hello all,

I wanted to share business card printouts I created to easily refer others to the ETN phenomenon. These cards printout on a Letter size paper. Also, there is a spot to write in your referral code.

See PDF printout here


Straight forward and to the point. I like it.


Hi. Great stuff—we also have in the pipeline something similar!!
Could I put this up at our Library please? It would appear under the Catalogue under the Category Assets and Other…


Sure. Let me know if you require other file formats (indd, Ai, PDF, etc…).


:+1::+1: Just testing actually downloads (as opposed to linking to other content)… I could either just link to your DocDroid Page for people to DL from there or could host the PDF on our server… In terms of the other formats I guess these could just be put into a .zip and people could DL that…

Thank you again—and it looks great!


Hi, set it so that when you click the Title it links back to this topic, whereas clicking the DOWNLOAD button “results” in a direct download. Hope you’re good with that! If not, please just say+thank you again!


If someone could make a schematic like this for Instagram other forms of social media, where we can easily insert our code. This would help with the spread of ETN.

Side thought: what about the slogan " You can bank on us!". As a play on words to you can bet on us to succeed and ETN acting as a “bank” for the unbanked.


You can create your own etn business card here
Complete with your name, QR code for your public etn address, & referral code which can then be downloaded. The quicklink works in facebook also showing your name & etn QR code that can be scanned straight from the screen.

Also includes a quick link to your details

Theres some help pages here







Well it’s should be done buy Richard Ells himself so he can embedded some electroneum


Looks good! Thanks Peter_Dir