ETN Ranks up on


Hey Community,

I’ve been following ETN since launch and I am very enthusiastic about the progress being made this year. One resource that I’ve found helpful in evaluating a coin’s potential is CoinCheckup, a cryptocurrency ranking site similar to CoinMarketCap. The developers over at CoinCheckup have put quite a bit of effort into refining the look and functionality of the site (including fundamental and basic technical analyses for each coin), so I encourage folks to take a look.

One development that has caught my attention recently is how much ETN has gone up according to CoinCheckup’s ranking algorithm over the past month. The last time I checked in (in June this year), we were ranked ~3.6/5 and below the top 100 coins listed on the site. At the time of this post, we are ranked ~4.4/5 and in the #10 spot. That’s higher than BTC and most of the top 10 coins by market cap. CoinCheckup’s fundamental analysis of ETN can be found here:

When reviewing CoinCheckup’s fundamental analyses, bear in mind that they tend to update their analysis on each coin on a monthly/bi-monthly basis (e.g., ETN’s last update was on 8/23/18). However, raw quantitative data (e.g., number of social media posts, number of GitHub commits) are catalogued and updated daily. My thought is that this site could be a nice tool for people who are interested in seeing a snapshot of ETN’s progress and providing basic fundamental analysis on the potential of this coin. Hope folks find this useful!



Nice analyses, thanx!
What can we do to get a higher rank than ~4.4/5 ? To be known as the most excellent coin should be great :slight_smile:


Thats really wonderful.
ETN was a very undervalued coin and finally we are getting some light on us. There is still a long journey ahead so hodl tight.


I think a big thing that would push us up on CoinCheckup would be if we bumped up our social media usage. I take issue with these metrics though, in part because they seem somewhat restrictive, not necessarily indicative of a coin’s growth potential, and biased toward younger coins (i.e., new cryptos often go through a very active PR phase in which there is a lot of social media chatter from developers, only to die down a few weeks/months later).

Overall, 4.4 is a stellar rating for our coin, especially given its comparison to other big names in the market. Not saying we couldn’t do better, but such a strong fundamental analysis demonstrates increased confidence in this project.