ETN Pricer $50 2018


Dear user, ETN Price $50 2018Screenshot_2


More than doable. Why not?


yes sir ETN is good Crypto currency coin


1st 0,5 USD than we can dreaming for bigger gains… Right now only 77K of miners some have problems with mining some with transactions - they stuck pending status for days, we havent full iOs app yet, no big exchange, only 20 languages, only covered 2 Ecommerce plugins - if we beat with all of these we can be at 5$ next year for sure! But in need hard work and more deals and vendors will join for SURE.


More fantasizing wishing and dreaming. Not 1 deal yet, wallet has had problems from day 1, mobile mining dead from go and now pointless (just sell phone and buy ETN), no real world use for ETN.

Just fans pushing ahead and ETN team failing us over and over. I could list many coins with same story and they all rose on the same wishing and optimism and died slowly due to lack of results.

Been an ETN fan since ICO but nothing but disappointment since. $50 no way with this team. I’ll be happy if it even reaches $1


At the moment it is the most rational hope for 2018. This year we appear to the world we cry out we leave the ashes to the light. Plus yet, let’s not go to the 1USD house. I foresee this for the first quarter of 2019.


Everything is possible its not impossible but i do think that its still a while away to gain that but it doesn’t hurt to dream about it of course! :thinking:


warm greetings, I am happy to receive input and we exchange ideas for coins, everything that has happened and whether etn can reach mass adoption and prices are quite high as predicted, various fans in Asia cannot buy and sell etn in various Asian markets like and it will be impossible to achieve more mass adoption for high prices, we see etn teamwork is still not maximal to collaborate with various well-known markets, and this is what makes etn away from fans. thank you.




Eh ma io ce faccio eh!! Is good enough 1$ forma me… For 50$ i think the road is still far… Many years, 4-5 i think, if them, as @Mr.CryptoCZ says, work hard and appetize e-commerce. We need about 600 billions to reach that target. Hope so…


Anything is possible in the crypto space, its an insane place to be in… lol


@Roqiy i think you should watch more interviews and do more research they already got a bunch of deals that can start as soon as they are ready for them with KYC and such in place and next to that as far as i know Richard also hinted on monster deals :thinking:


Like, Share, and Subricbe Good Luck Thank you.


Nice to dream this price, but i don’t think will reach this price next year. Global FUDness have affected all cryptos market, as you have seen these weeks… We must wait 2-3 years before see price grow to 1$


Realisties 2019 ETN 0.0001


Do you mean this as BTC value?


no etn low, low and low


O okey, then you must be joking around if you mean 0.0001$. Funny joke


Based on facts coming it should pass most, up to 2. Behind btc. Etn can easy be the biggest coin in users by 2020, so. Xrp, eth, many coins here with no real use.


We will do well if we can reach 10cents and 30cents if BTC fires this year. Of course, depends what major deals are announced. User numbers are great but a deception until they reach critical mass :slight_smile: GLAH