Etn price under ICO

Why etn price now under ICO??

The short answer would be because of Bitcoin falling but there are a few other reasons too. Because Bitcoin has so much dominance over the market when it rises and falls the rest of the market is heavily effected just like the world economy if the USD was to sharply fall alot of the world would be effected too.

Not to worry though, although Electroneum has fallen in price to it still holds a good satoshi value so its still worth the same amount in Bitcoin meaning Electroneum has just followed the market down its not lost much value itself. Atleast this is my take on the situation.

We may likley see more big corrections like this happen, there is alot of coins in the market that have little value at the moment and are based on hype I doubt this will be the last time we will see a big crash. Got to just be patient and only invest what your willing to loose.


could be a buying opportunity, imo :smile: