ETN PRICE - It Needs To Go Up!


Simple break down of average number of coins held if mass adopted with a circulating supply of 15 billion coins as it is going to take a long time before we hit 21 billion coins for the total circulating supply.

USERS---------------------------COIN AVERAGE PER PERSON


As the number of users increases the number of coins will be less and less available, thus increasing the value of each coin. This does not take into the fact the number people that hodl coins and the circulating supply maybe far far less than the 15 billion I am showing here. Which brings up the discussion that there maybe not enough total units of ETN to go around if we hit massive numbers having only 100 units of ETN per coin due to the 2 decimal places. But that will be another discussion for a later date! :slight_smile:


I like that math and this makes pure sense. I hope to God this is exactly what happens bc the ETN price will rise, rise and rise again.


Well, there has to be subscription model supplied by Electroneum in the app of course, which involves the exchanges.

But let’s just assume that the need for ETN is high enough for X amount of people buys Y amount of ETN every month because it’s so convenient and safe to use the app for transfers and payments.


The spending of “my precious ETN coin” shouldn’t be a problem if you see it like this.

You owe your friend. $1000.

  1. You can keep you ETN and send the person $1000 with Western Union using your cash. This does not increase trade.

  2. You can send it as ETN from your wallet, and use your $1000 to by ETN from an exchange to restore it’s value.Your friend now will have to use the ETN for buying goods or services or settle a debt, alternatively exchange it for fiat. This increases trade.


Of course 90% of the people invested to become “rich”.
What ur saying has no sense. Just send an old man to a shop and make him pay 0.005 etn for a gum. Lmao.
No hate but this kind of comments are funny as hell.
No need of exchanges? I would like to see ur reaction when etn will have 0 trade volume. U think the miner is everything? Ur wrong.
Etn needs to be anywhere from 1-5 . Thats its price. Not 2000/coin. 1$.


1-10$ for 1 ETN is the max price if it is gonna be used by masses for trade.

Marketing: we are the marked to ETN!
If people have heard about ETN or got a friend that has ETN, then the chans for that the ETN marketing will get success. Soon we are 2.3 ETN holders, we should be 2.3 ambassadors that sale and teach about what i believe is the future of decentralised money and the biggest thing to tai the world together.

We need user numbers to moon. Tell your friends to create an ETN account, download app, teak a picture with KYOTI, and repeat. If we follow that recipi someone of your friends will take paid in ETN and some one will acquire more ETN. The ETN team should focus working with businesses to make posibilitis for ETN users, the marked is us. There’s only one reason for me to hold ETN in Norway and that is a belief that the price will rise. And i know it want rise before 1: BTC rise and pump money in to altcoins 2: ETN got a us case.

1: BTC will probably go up after the next down.
2: The ETN team heading in the right direction but they need allot more users to have a impact in the mobile market. and we need to do that job and get more users to the mobile platform regardless hver we live around the world. when the app to apple coms, we the community should and can increase the app downloads to 5M in a week, then ETN can cherry pick deals with any mobile company, we will get in every exchange, vendors will want ETN. ETN will add to more zeros and we are filthy rich in a year. This is a race against other cryptos and banks and we are the only one that can make a different. we must create that momentum.


By the end of the year, the ETN’s price is definitely about 10 cents.
Who supports me … ???


I am sure the price will go above 10 cent if some cataclism dont hapen in the crypto world, but for me price, surge like that in that little time window its uhealthy for the project, slow natural grow i think its better … dont know man :slight_smile:


My prediction is half a dollar by January.


The thing wich i think will impact the price alot is the mobile app. I mean the app should be like a geatway to alot of things. As i know, the ETN team are planing updates of the app, which as i heard one of the next updates will have geo locating for places where we can spend ETN, which is great. But for me, to be groundbreaking and MOONLAMBOING :D, they have to make it to be easy to get ETN, which leads to BUYING ETN form the app. I dont know how this can be pulled of, but i think there are few ways to be done. As example, how the android games can charge for buyng ingame stuff. I think is super important for the app to have this option :slight_smile:


Just bought 6000 etn. Small investment small risk. Holding on, hopefully will be banking in few years.