ETN PRICE - It Needs To Go Up!


As much as I would love to see the price rise, for mass adoption, strategically speaking, a low price in the near term will help to make it more accessible to the unbanked, poor and especially in countries where local fiat currency’s value is low. Add in a reasonable price rise over time, you will have FOMO and a healthy ecosystem that grows itself. The economic growth potential is huge! If the price is too high for them to begin with, you will cut all those people out of the compounding equation.


One day in the future, all other alt coins will disappear. Only a handful will remain, and ETN has the circulating supply to accommodate a large influx.


that is correct, price will come soon the exchange of ETN going up…


Ya i invested in nov 2017 along with allot of ico…
2018 has been so boring for crypto a year of exit scams and broken dreams.


I am from Singapore… I hope have ETN atm machine around here in future just like btc.


Watch all about tech interview series - it explains the marketing approach. And that is to market the use of etn once the product is live. Hold tight!


Why not wait until the product is live then they can use t too. Not just buy and get bored like other cryptos.


yes we have to HOLD our ETN coins as long as possible !!!:rocket::rocket::rocket:
we have to use our ETN coin to buy thing, and not sell them!!!


True. Binance listing would help…


Can you tell/explain me a bit more about KYC / AML? Hear this a lot and it seems to be a very important part of ETN. I’m quit new with these concepts, so I’m interested to know more.


Ive been holding since ice. During that time ive watched their vision adjust to market several times. We’re now getting a glimpse of the whole concept that will eventually be etn. The foundation theyre laying for all these goals could take a while. But at least now we know why they never truly cared about getting listed on exchanges. When theyre done, exchange listings will be irrelevant.


I agree with you. Marketing could have prevented the price from crashing after the 22c high but what did they truly have to market at that time? I think theyre in a much better position to begin marketing now since they have much more “proven” product behind them. A marketing push then would have only resulted in a temporary boost brought on by hype. Now, marketing COULD result in steady growth.


it will be interesting to see what happens with the patent application and what becomes of it in the future. with all the attacks this coin has suffered since day 1 and with the contracts etc signed yet to be put into action we’re all just guessing at this point. defo going to be an interesting few years ahead


KYC (Know your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering), are regulations that require a business to have photo ID and verification of ones identify on file with their user base. I’m sure you have an account at one of the many major Crypto Exchanges, and to create an account you have to verify your identity. That is what this is. Regulations require Fintechs and soon block-chain companies to have this implemented, so that if they need to litigate or investigate a transaction, you cannot hide behind the anonymity of block-chain.


Etn Go To Moon :kas::kas::kas::kas::donanma fişeği::donanma fişeği::donanma fişeği::donanma fişeği::uçak::uçak::uçak::uçak::uçak:


We are nearly below 80Sat!!all Order books are full of sell orders, so that we will see 70Sat and below soon!!
Mass adaption needs trust of people !!
But At the moment people and investors are loosing trust in this company more and more …
I really hope that Electronueum is not worthless one day:-(((


I think that the price should go lower so I can buy more then HODL till mass adoption and etn becomes our currency! That is when the price will go up and stabilize. Do not fret about low prices now because that just makes the coin more accessible to lower income people. There are many more of us low income people than there are higher income folks so low prices will bring in many more users and will cause the price to rise significantly. HODL HODL HODL HODL Buy More HODL HODL HODL HODL Buy MORE ETN. HODL now… HODL Tomorrow… HODL for 5 Years or more and you will be very pleasantly wonderfully happy… If you buy enough now… :wink: Buy what you can… Just BUY More ETN. lol


Remember ETN is going for mass adoption and mass use as a currency. That takes more users… I highly doubt ETN will ever be worthless. The community is solid no matter what the markets and investors do. Time will tell but I believe that the ETN team is on point and headed down the right path. The markets will follow in time… maybe not soon… maybe in 5 years or so… But the markets will follow after ETN has millions on users doing transactions daily… So far the growth of users has outpaced Facebook Twitter and Instagram in the same amount of time since genesis of the company. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am. :wink:


Absolutely! As with other coins I am involved in… The attacks will subside… Burst went to the bottom because of a war of factions DDOS attacking pools shutting down the network from time to time. But over a year or so the attacks stopped and one of the factions moved on. Now the coin is rising again and there is peace and harmony among the users. The same will happen with ETN being attacked. The attackers want the price super low so they can buy in and make bank or maybe they have another agenda. But whatever the agenda is, they will not continue forever. To many other things they can do to other coins. lol


Let’s see it rocket! I know I’ll be holding