ETN PRICE - It Needs To Go Up!


We need to get the ETN Coin price up, up, up! There is potential. We need it listed on the biggest exchanges and we need more marketing and hype about what ETN is all about.

I spent big money investing in ETN late last year, therefore I am hopeful. Are you?

ETN price by the end of 2018!

First of all we need to be sure we are complying to all regulations that will come in the future.Afterwards Marketing can finally start and it will only be logical for the price to go up.


Yes, I’m very hopeful and trust Richard and the team and the work they’re doing behind the scenes!


Hype will come. It’s being built like a house from the ground up. In time the house will be beautiful and the people will start coming to buy the house. The price will follow as the demand (and uses) increase.


I have had full trust in Richard since day one. From the first video I watched of him, I knew he could be trusted as an honest CEO.


In due time the price wil clime up slowly.
Importen things need to be implemented the correct way whitout rushing it.
Trust in the Team and give them more time.


KYC / AML is a big part of this and we need to get it right now before we go forward. Once we have that in place, then this train will kick it in to gear and the fun begins.


Very true. It will be interesting how they approach it. Do we know what KYC is needed on top of everyones accounts and their Mobile numbers?


They are basing the KYC / AML guidelines on the Fintech side of the business requirements; which is pretty strict and already defined in the industry. Since there is no defined guideline for block-chain and crypto currently, by putting it in place like this, they are already ahead of the game. When regulation eventually catches up and hits the block-chain industry, it will just require some minor fine tuning to the already implemented system to satisfy the new requirements. I think this is a brilliant approach, as it gives them a HUGE edge versus other projects. It also establishes a trust level for large enterprises such as Xius and other mobile operators whom they have partnerships with to proceed with the plans. These Mobile Operators / Partners will not need to worry if they will be compliant or at risk by engaging in business with Electroneum.

Win Win


Foundation first. Price will come later, likely after marketing begins.


Yes, this makes sense what you have said.

However, it’s been a while and marketing should have been done more prior to ICO


I too, trust them and their backgrounds and experience which is why I bought a lot of ETN early on.

As long as they do not give up like so many others. ETN raised so much money, they have to make it work.


I agree! How long does it take for a foundation?


Marketing was pretty heavy before ICO by youtubers and promotors. That’s how I found it.


Well that is totally true. They did a good job at that and this is how most of us find ETN. At the time, there were many ICOs giving it a go. Most failed. However, most raised a ton of money…giving themselves jobs for a period of time until money ran out.

The coins and ICOs with most potential are the ones who had the best, most experienced people running them and backing them. This is one main reason why I joined ETN. Richard and others had great experience and knowledge. But, we need to see more from them now. More marketing, more exchanges and higher ETN price for sure.


1 ETN = 1 ETN. That’s really all that matters.


I agree I said in the Telegram group that marketing should have started already. Just brand awareness to imprint into the public’s psyche. Doesn’t have to reveal dates, or anything. A simple coming soon * list features* trailer marketing campaign to get people excited would suffice.


Good analogy. This makes sense. The house was being built prior to or at the time of the ICO. They had a plan and executed and raised a ton of money to get the job done.
Now, we need them to get the job done and market more, more ads, more activity and relationships and higher etn price.
I know they can do it. I know Richard and team have the experience and knowledge. They made a good impression on me when they resolved those security issues soon after ICO. They redeemed themselves and took care of security then right way.

So many other ICOs failed. But, ETN had and has more potential than all those others who were just raising millions in coin sales only to give themselves a job for a period of time. Essentially us supporters is what we do. We pay Richard’s salary and the team. Therefore, it is good to hold them accountable for timelines, goals, targets etc. Do they even have targets?


Yes, this would be very productive and helpful!


I completely agree, and very good point you make!

Other coins are or will be far behind ETN when the regs start rolling out. And. they surely will.