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Thanks for this :slight_smile: I will share at Twitter.


Nice forecast @Izmo :sunglasses: hopefully with all the news and mass adoption it can be even faster then 3-5 years :rocket:


Nobody knows but ETN itself crypto NWO has price prediction after price prediction every other day, early on I loved his analysis and math. But reality is all the TA in the world all the math does diddley squat. This is the peoples coin and the value will be decided by the people adopting and using it. If the whole world embraces ETN it will take time but if it does $2.50 could be laughed at when people sell out and then see it shoot the moon to 10 bucks, it’s all guess work. Buy and hodl, wait and see.


Realistic figures, thanks. My target based on known deals, supply and market cap is one dollar.

MONSTER deals or faster than expected mass adoption will cause a rethink in the upwards direction.

Things could go also wrong and cause a downward revision.

While this is a nice forum and relatively FUD free, that does tend to make it an echo chamber for moon kid price projections based on wishful thinking alone. Don’t invest on the basis of what may never happen!

$17 dollar price would equal BTC’s market cap at current supply. $52 would equal BTCs market cap at BTC’s ATH.


I like all these predictions, but as ETN is linked to BTC, those predictions are based on BTC being what price? If ETN can grow to $0.08 while BTC is still under $7k then if BTC grows to $30k next year. I figure ETN would hit somewhere between $0.30-$0.40 cents even more. But at the moment we all need BTC to grow to help inflate the price and we need to continue with green candle weeks.


ETN is actually showing signs of decoupling away from BTC
and is moving independantly


Please explain these signs

  1. not moving with the market as every other altcoin which is influenced by BTC does but rather moving independant of BTC , which was demonstrated strongly during ETNs massive move from rank 120 to 42nd and into the top 50 while BTC was down alongside most other alts.

2.The fact that Electroneum unlike most of the other crypto alt coins which live in the crypto space and are effected by movements of BTC ETNs ecosystem has a parallel one in crypto and one outside in fintech as Richard has mentioned countless times. Which is the whole point of KYC so that ETN is able to opperate outside the crypto decentralized space and be able to work with big corps that need know your customer.

  1. such big partnerships coupled with the mobile miner are not subject to BTC , BTC can drop to zero but ETN will be supported by its fintech business which is breaking way from BTCs influence.

The only area that BTC is still connected to ETN is the fact that it uses BTC as a peg to trade on exchanges , eventually even that will be irrelivant when ETN decides to release an all ETN exchange where goods and services including crypto can be pegged to ETN rather than BTC ,

you have understand that BTC is king in crypto world 1% but ETN is showing signs of being king in the rest 99% of the world !!!