ETN price down!


Thanks to the ETN team for the work done to remedy the proplem with the ETN wallet, but in my opinion, while the ETN wallet was closed, the value of the coin increased by 170% and after the problem has been resolved, it seems to start to lower the ETN’s price.
It would be best to keep your wallet locked up to say 2-3 months and definitely ETN will get you in the top 10.


It doesn’t work that way. People simply wanted to cash in. It is important what we remain with. And we are at 4x price than a week ago, even after this drop. There are a lot of day traders who couldn’t care less about ETN’s project, they just want to make a quick buck.


The team have never, and will never manipulate the price like that.

This project is about delivery and adoption… not temporary hype fuelled speculation.

Exciting times ahead…no need for gimmicks or manipulation.


Don’t agree, if this was the reason for the price rise it would have dropped much lower by now but yes it probably has some effect.