ETN Price - Calling Technical Analysis Experts

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I would like to have an understanding of the ETN price if someone can give their technical analysis & not a blind prediction.

As per the article that I have read on one of the websites, I am not certain to what extent the details provided in the above website is authentic, however;

  1. As per Wallet investor, they predict the price of ETN in 2018 would be $0

  2. As per US Lifed, whose predictions are based on factors such as technology, current performance and market trends, ETN would be priced @ $0.44 in Dec 2018, @ $0.78 in Dec 2019 & @ $1.12 in Dec 2020

  3. As per Coin Liker, a website that performs technical analysis and gives long-term price predictions, ETN would be priced @ $2.44 in 2023

PS: Pls give technical analysis, so that you are educating all of us.


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I am not one of those experts… i can’t tell the future for sure… becoz the future is affected by what we are doing at the present… if the present circumstances changes then the future will also change…
i can only tell what the present data shows us… we have been bearish for the past few weeks but i’m starting to see some kind of momentum…

*i expected etn price to hit 40-50% in the next few weeks from today’s current price, i think this will happen once the bitcoin exited the bear market…
currrently the bitcoin price is playing 50/50 based on the weekly chart… one step up and this will bring bullish to the whole market…and also vice versa this could also bring another pull back…


I am no TA pro, however i do know that TA isn’t possible on a coin with low trade volume. In order to do TA on a coin, there has to be enough people trading the coin following the TA charts. Unfortunately ETN being on low volume exchanges makes it impossible. TA only works because there is so many other people who use TA and those people jump into a coin (daytraders/swing traders) which cause massive volume spikes and exacerbate coin value.
These people use high liquidity exchanges such as Binance etc. So until we end up in the big boys playground, TA is a bit of a waste of time.
I will add that the RSI is a good indicator even on low volume exchanges like the ones we are on, when ETN RSI goes below 30, there is usually a short term pump though.

I wouldn’t be trying to use TA do any day trades on ETN, and my advice is the same to you. You will probably get burnt.
This is of course just my own opinion.


im just a TA rookie, but if team delivers some kind of positive news we could bounce back to 600-900 SATS within 4 weeks

My 4-8 week price-guesstimate (not financial advice, but for entertainment only)


TA is most effective mainly for short term trade decisions and not for long term, so there is no benefit to be gained in attempting to apply 1, 2, or 3 year projections. Fundamental analysis is more appropriate to long term projections.


But for a fib retracement we would need to already be at the bottom. Its very hard currently to say if we are close but I believe so. ALso since 2 weeks we are holding around 85sats.


you are right, we do not know the bottom yet, but i think we are very close to it.
Falling wedge since may 18 is getting very narrow now.
I would love to see a rally, higher lows and a finally a trend reversal


My ETN price formula depends on active users:

ETN price = active_users * active_users / (registered_users * 1000000)

So when the number of the active users will be 2 million and the number of registered users will be 4 million the price will be 1$

Yeah. I’m not sure if it will be a nice slow and steady rise though. In crypto things can move really rapidly. We saw 40x and more in no time last year on some coins. Anyways. With all the good news currently and alts looking pretty nice my guess that we are at or close to the bottom becomes stronger.

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@lkelemen I did not understand how that works. Pls show it figuratively. Thanks

He is referencing Metcalfe’s Law, which measures the value of a network, can calculate a cryptocurrency’s value.

You can google the theory and learn more about it, it is really quite Interesting.


I have noticed this as well. I say 3 weeks is a charm and we 200% over the following 2 weeks

now there are 126k active users according the mobile miner and there are 2.4million registered users.126k*126k=15.876bill. 15.876bn/2.4 mn = 6615. 6615/1000000=0.006615.

if there will be 1mill active users and 2.4mill registered users then the price will be 0.41.

if there will be 100m active users and 200m registered users then the price will be 50.

1bn active users, 2bn reg. users, price 500

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@ColinSTE I am gonna learn about it… Thank you

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@lkelemen Thank you…

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