ETN power drink as promotional product

Hi there, I think that we could boost mass adoption by binding paper wallets on power drink cans with a tiny amount… “ETN powered drink” could be our brand. Early adopters could buy cans with greater ETN amounts.
This move would have also an educational purpose, as no coiners could immediately get in touch with our app and a paper wallet. The only problem is to hide the private key properly.

Might be nice with a QR code on the can that you can scan to download the mobile app instantly for new people :thinking:


great idea, or maybe just a 7 digit code inside the bottle cap, u can enter the 7 digit code in the ETN website somewhere and the coins are automatically transferred to the wallet address you choose.


I believe this can be included in their marketing plan.

We could be the first to launch such a product concept and gain free media coverage

Superb idea ! They must apply this to many products like drinks biscuits pack etc

One day we will all shop in the ETN Grocery store with everything ETN packaged :yum:

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Nnice idea. I would buy it. And it could just be 10 Electroneum attached to every can… And it would still drive mass adoption forward

And also embedded guidelines on how to use it and possibly a direct link to electroneum community

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