ETN Plugins: Accept ETN As Payment


Hi All.

Our strong community has throughly got behind our Instant Payment feature and have developed plugins for website owners to accept ETN as payment!

Using our open API, you are free to develop these further or to make your own!

If you are a shop owner of Magento, WooCommerce or WordPress you can already integrate using the links below:

The following are current in development:

  • EasyDigitalDownloads: TBC
  • JigoPay: TBC
  • OpenCart: TBC
  • PrestaShop: TBC
  • Shopify: TBC

The following plugins require development. We offer bounties in return for your help, why not help the community and earn some ETN?

If you have developed a plugin to allow website owners to accept ETN as payment, let us know below!


Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Thank you for putting this all in one place.


Shopify is also currently being developed as far as I know