ETN payday loans

I think ETN need to get into the payday loan business.
However instead of lending money we could lend ETN.
lending ETN instead of money will not only stop customers squandering it on cigarettes and alcohol it will also boost the ETN economy as customers can purchase things online and use it on things like anytask.
This could be massive for ETN.

I’m not so sure this is a good idea.

Most people who use payday loans live from 1 pay cheque to the next. I get that it could be useful to top up their phone or buy electricity but AnyTask wouldn’t be of any use to someone who needs a payday loan.

Furthermore, when operating globally, how could the company enforce payback of the loans and deal with defaulters? The cost of managing these would far outweigh any benefit they provide.


Electroneum would need to hire bailiffs to deal with any customers who fail to pay back the loan.
As an added bonus the bailiffs wages would be paid in ETN.

Sorry but
this is not a good idea
lending is a bad system
the benefits are less

I don’t agree with your idea

thank you


What for? for solar panels? (Africa) on which the air conditioners can run.
We must move towards a co2 neutral policy in the future.

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What for? To start a local business to sell local favorite snack.
Sell this local favorite snack in markets, schools (universities) and other major events. Payments in fiat and etn.
Change in etn and or local fiat.
Optionally, you can buy electroneum coins from the school’s concierge and / or a pre-sale on the market, to promote faster processing of the order.

The negative connotations and image of debt recovery is very unlikely to be something the team would want associated with the project.

Nothing is stopping a third party from offering the service though. :+1:t2:

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Electroneum investigates DeFi integration is a nice addition to this.
(If I have understood it all correctly, read it on the internet)
and or maybe an idea to add smart contract projects and / or tokens to the electroneum blockchain platform.

Defi integration in combination with Crowdfunding.
Maybe an idea? This is something completely new, just conceived…

A great opportunity for electroneum NGOs
Investors finance an NGO in exchange for the monthly fee they receive from electroneum and donations.

  • Advantage is direct $ dollars. for the NGO
  • No waste of exchange rates.
  • Etc etc

Idea is 2 seconds old, so additions apply.

No doubt more ideas could be conceived.

Kucoin and Cryptopia were big exchanges for ETN …
Who’s next ?
It’s just not safe.
Actually, we have to find another method.
Easily create a contract that anyone can subscribe to in the safe environment of electroneum.

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I think this idea is a great opportunity for our USA friends. By the way, you have many more variants of De Fi projects.
Otherwise you rename the project.
(can you also look at a different side of a story?)
I only see advantages, if anyone sees disadvantages please let me know.
@Jonathan I had already sent you a PM about this, I know you are busy with your work.
I think the net return is a few percent. For both parties
I’ll stick with it for now. A little bit of commerce can promote the electroneum steps.
Who is the commercial man or woman at electroneum?

Just some information.

Many thanks. Perhaps a nice extension for charging electricity (electroneum) in other African countries.
I think I’m going to start an idea project.

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