ETN partnering with Crypterium

Crypterium is the first crypto bank in the crypto space. I have been following up on their upgrades closely. I do not own any token from crypterium, however, I love their project.

Digital Card - Pay with crypto anywhere in the world

Isn’t the above really cool?

Well the most exciting feature which impressed me is the below:


Bank transfers

The below two are copied from their website from FAQ section:
How do bank transfers work?
You can transfer money to any accounts that have an IBAN number both personal and business accounts. Once you’ve chosen the option that suits your needs, you should fill in some standard details that’ll allow us to process your transfer.

Let us know the recipient’s name, IBAN number, and SWIFT/BIC codes, then specify the amount you want to transfer and just send it. Simple, right?

How long does it take?
Bank transfer delivery timescales vary for different countries but are usually processed within 2 days. If you’re facing any delays, please contact our support.

They also have other features like crypto shopping & Crypto Loans. Please look into their website. I have posted earlier as well about Crypterium. Click the link below to read.

Dear @ETNCEO @Rach
Please look into this project and kindly try to include ETN with Crypterium, so that crypto to fiat will be a piece of cake. They only charge 0.5% for bank transfers anywhere across the globe.

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