ETN Pairing with South African Rand (ZAR)

Another ETN fiat pairing goes live!

That’s right, ETN is now available to trade against South African Rand (ZAR) for the very first time!

This is a huge step for ETN towards mass adoption in South Africa and gives us a native fiat pairing in a country that’s going to be a key area for cryptocurrency in the future – one whose people want cryptocurrency they can use.

Huge thanks to the team at @ArtisTurba for making this possible! Thrilled to be making another announcement with our newest exchange partner so soon after our debut listing…

Thats the one we really needed in Africa!
Thanks @Jade_O …Many thanks to Artis Turba !!

A great piece of news for our beloved youtuber in Africa …@Emmanuel to share with his followers.
Onwards and Upwards


That’s more great news !!

Fantastic work


Fantastic news! That’s huge for ETN. A big step in becoming a huge presence in South Africa! Can’t wait to see Electroneum playing a pivotal role in creating a more prosperous happy life for those in SA. :grin:


We need youtubers to spread the world with this message. Awesome :wink:


Great news.

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Another great piece of news these fiat pairings are really going to help us.