ETN OpenID, Address Info as part of KYC


Was playing around with the IPS checkout process on an online vendor yesterday, and came across an opportunity to further streamline and simplify the checkout process. It might be really cool as a future extension of KYC to have shipping address available as part of your ETN profile? Then when your checking out at a merchant you wouldn’t need to sign up a separate profile/account if you have a “trusted” KYC ETN profile already setup. It would make the checkout process a lot more simplified and streamlined.
Tested at two separate shops and as of right now you go to check out with Electroneum, you get a bunch of errors like the attached image saying there is information required prior to checkout.

It would be very slick if it could eventually pull that info from your ETN profile.

Some sort of like OpenID where you can shop at any Instant Payment System vendor without needing separate accounts at all the vendors as long as your ETN profile is kyc’d.


I would love this as an option. It would greatly smooth out the transaction process when paying with ETN. PayPal does something similar, and I typically choose that for a payment option for that reason.


100% agree. But yoti isn’t so fast and doesn’t support some countries. We need to find another partner who receives all type like driving license and ID from more countries… :slight_smile:


I believe Yoti is merely the user information aggregation partner, and they pass that info on to Electroneum as a verified identity. Electroneum themselves should have that info, making it easier to make changes to things such as address, as you could just do that on the Electroneum site. I’d also like to see the ability to have multiple shipping addresses, like an address book.


Not sure where to ask this question but if anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I am attempting lvl2 KYC by completing my profile on the ETN site…for documentation it states only PNG and JPG files. How to I convert PDF to PNG or JPG? Please advise,



Make a screen shot and than put to painting and safe as jpg or PNG :slight_smile:


How would I do it on a desktop computer? I am very “green” with all this


Search button alt and than prntscr its somewhere at the top of the keyboard near where you have


Says Paint cant read the file when I try to copy/paste


Would be much more user friendly if ETN could accept and download PDF. So far this is a big pain in the butt!