ETN only mimics the bitcoin system ? ANSWER PLEASE

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So I didn’t hear news about the electroneum for a long time, yesterday I heard ETN launched an instant payment system so I thought about what bitcoin had done since a few years ago, the system was the same as what ETN is currently doing. so my question is whether the instant payment system made by electroneum only imitates what bitcoin has done ?? or is there a different innovation? tell me the difference between the two systems !! can you see on youtube for the video titled “Paying for a Vegetarian Dinner with Bitcoin - New Green Pasture Cafe Singapore” because I can’t send a link here

please underline, the difference in the ETN instant payment system with the bitcoin system in the video !.


It’s very different. Bitcoin (core) is a decentralized currency only, not a company. The core team works on updates but has no control over currency flow.

Electroneum is a hybrid decentralized currency / company. Using this as an advantage, it can make deals with retailers in order to have instant payments.
Very similar to how VISA has instant payments, ETN basically ensures the retailer that purchased items will be payed for, and in return the retailer accepts your payment instantly as it has no risk.
That’s a very rough summary anyways, I’m sure someone else can flesh it out more.

This is the first time this has been done, and so the ETN team patented the instant payment system.