ETN online wallet usernames

This is cropped up before,- and indeed I asked Richard about this today on the Q&A at ANON summit but it seems to have been mis-understood.

I seems to me a great feature that a user could go in to their electroneum account and add their own username which people could then send ETN to, and the Electroneum software matches up the wallets and makes the transaction happen.

SO - I can login to my wallet - send @ETNCEO £10 of ETN for services rendered and then boom, the transaction happens without me having to know his address.

How cool would it be to say to folks, send etn to - or whatever and then they just type that in Send money, to address (or user) - then whoosh, magic happens.

Obviously on the website the QR code is just fine but this would make ETN much easier to use on a more casual level. ( a bit like paypal I can just tell folks my email address and they know to go to paypal and send to my address ).

The important bit is that this is user defined and obviously if a name is taken it’s already taken then they need to chose another.

Optional, user created and maybe only updatable a few times to save headache and none of the username business needs to be on the blockchain as the wallets addresses will be used for the transaction.

Richard mentioned they’d thought about doing something with phone numbers, this is not what I meant.

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