Happy days :slight_smile: :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::partying_face:


Im on the website and I dont see it trading yet?


Maybe i did party to early then :sob:

Iooked again. Also looked on coingecko not yet!

Etn deposit is possible now.
You can generate new address in hitbtc account to deposit etn.
I don’t see any trading pair.

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Thanks thats what I gathered too.

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500etn fees on hitbtc, damn this is plain theft

Flat rate or is that a percentage?
500/ transaction?

Ok flat rate, got it

wow that’s literally 100x more expensive than cryptopia (although they have limit of 50000 per transaction)…you’d have to be moving some serious amounts for that to stack out.

Yeah fees are fine but okay for the current price (unless you trade tiny amounts).
I’m glad that trading will start very soon :slight_smile: How long have we been waiting for this.

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I checked my account on HitBtc and don’t see ETN deposits available???

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Awesome, this is cute

Not much noise though…not for a Friday!
Soon isnt very "Friday " stuff!! @Doctore2hot
(In relation to the video above)

Great to see a big exchange take on ETN.

But to be honest HitBTC’s withdrawal fees are nothing short of theft.

Just check them out. I bought 10 Veritaseum and it costs 1 VERI to get them off. $20 per Veri…

If you buy ANYTHING on HitBTC be sure you check the withdrawal fees first. They can be crazy.

Don’t leave a lot of ETN sitting on HitBTC either. Just some friendly advice to the community.

Deposits and Withdrawals are offline only thing online is transfers which suggests that HitBTC is transferring a bag full of ETN for their trading wallet prepping for when they go full open trading online , hence why it says The Technical team is currently investigating the issue.

It was the second exchange I went to after Cryptopia. This pleases me as I will be able to trade some of my other stuff for ETN there and then get it off the exchange.

finally ETN on a big exchange