Etn not to the Moon but Uranus!


All this price talk about Electroneum and everyone wanting it to the hit the Moon in price! With our price being so low that Moon shot can and will come very quickly. I think we need to step back look at a realistic % of gain we can expect when our price starts to climb and I don’t know about you guys as I am shooting right for your Uranus price! Below I have listed what type of gains you would be seeing at different prices and the numbers are quite impressive. I personally think Electroneum has one of the best upside potentials of any Crypto Currency on the market given the current low price we have!

Percentage Gains from purchasing Electroneum at $.005usd per coin:








$.06----------1100% Moon Price!





$.15----------2900% Mars Price!



$.50----------9900% Jupiter Price!



$1.50---------29,900% Saturn Price!



$10.00------199,900% Uranus Price!

$35.00------699,900% Fugazi Price!


Hahahah Love all the Planet Price predictions with the Fugazi touch at the end!!


You forgot to mention about SUN, MERCURY AND VENUS…:sweat_smile::rofl::joy::full_moon::crescent_moon:


Quality, made me laugh at the end!




things are now getting beyond ridiculous! I can’t believe someone could post this garbage in here


Things have been so negative for Electroneum, sometimes it is nice to take a more fun and positive look at what our future holds with a little humor added to it. :wink:


Pretty sure we got very close to the Sun when we dropped below $.005! I still have a bunch of ETN that are very sunburned! Lol



Man that would be something, people using ETN on the moon or Uranius, can we coin that term?ETN the moon currency. lol.


Haha, just like in real life it takes a while to get to the moon and mars. Dont let up guys


Fugazi price :smiley: Really funny.

But you should not compare etn to $ but BTC instead to get a more accurate picture about its value.


The downside to that chart is a lot of people got to experience the reverse of that chart because they bought ETN when the price was anywhere from .02 USDT to .24 USDT. That fugazi level looked more possible when ETN was only on Cryptopia and no ASIC mining was involved. Oh well, one day. One of these years.


Boy oh boy, I am having a hard enough time trying to figure out where the Price of Electroneum is going. Trying to figure out the price of our coin in BTC is damn near impossible. Not sure if we will have $1000btc or 1,000,000btc when we hit Uranus price. We could be 1000, 10,000 or even 1,000,000sats and still be worth the exact same amount of USD money depending on what the price of btc does. Way over my head to figure out our future price in BTC. Lol


That is very true, if you purchased at 20 cents you will not be seeing those type of gains, but if you are still holding Etn and purchased at a high price then it is not very wise not to purchase coins at today’s prices to help lower your overall average cost to a much lower lever to protect your overall investment.


I think the problem is that the price of ETN is already in Uranus . . .


Pretty sure we are at around Venus price right now, if we go lower we may hit Mercury price. As long as we don’t touch the Sun we should be ok!


Thanks for putting future price gains into perspective M-Kid. I am partial to $.06 but will not be offended if the price climbs beyond that point. :smile:

Lets all remember that ETN is a long term investment that may not show its teeth for some time. If the price doesn’t spike by end of 2018, hang in there. There’s a lot of infrastructure that the Electroneum team needs to put in place before the product runs the way it’s intended to. However, once the system and all its parts are running smoothly, watch out!


Fugazi shoots for the moon and beyond!:grin: