ETN Not Opening

Please help! I have been trying to open my electroneum app but to no avail. I started experiencing this after I upgraded the app to the latest version. Thanks for your kind assistance.

Hi @00ad6166364d6285384d have you tried restarting the device then logging back in ?

If that doesn’t work try uninstalling the app and starting over .

Okay, thanks very much, I will just do that asap

Could it be due to the KYC? Is there a warning about KYC on the screen?

No, there is nothing like that, thanks

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No, it can’t be because isn’t still obligatory KYC form

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I have tried all the options suggested here but to no avail

Can you tell us what device and firmware you are on could be an app problem . In the mean time try logging into my. wallet

Create a support ticket Via this address

They will sort it for you.
There is a menu it has options
Look for app or mobile miner select that then tell them the issue your having and they will have a solution for you…

I don’t have any problem logging into my electroneum wallet, it is the app that has issue

That’s what you have to tell support

My device is Samsung galaxy note 3

And the firmware? Would be worth to find out if it is a firmware problem