ETN Not Appreciating

It is very painful to see all other coin strongly appreciating in the coin market cap while ETN is fast going down. I’m a strong believer in the coin but very disheartening that it is really going down fast. This is the coin that some of us bought at very high price. Please ETN team should do something about this, I really want to see ETN mooning. My sincere concern. Thanks.

Money is moving into BTC plain and simple. ETN is not dead, but in fact has a very strong heartbeat.

Weather the storm and there will be lucky charms on the other side of the rainbow.


Good call, ETN is magically delicious! (Especially at this price…)

Simple fact is, with all the pieces in place, and barring any major catastrophe (that would likely effect the whole market), I don’t see a world where this price never improves.

With the whole ecosystem in place, AND BEING USED (key), it’s not possible for the price to stay below .01 USD. How high will it go, no clue.

I’m enjoying the ride down, buying all the way, ready for the bounce back up!


Those are really good.


It’s got nothing to do with ETN team…